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Keep Your Home Safe & Secure With 1ByOne Security

Keep Your Home Safe & Secure With 1ByOne Security

1ByOne security

Security. You always want it. For your family, friends, & for yourself. You especially want to know that your home and valuables, whatever they may be, are safe… whether you be near them or not. Many people have turned to installing security systems in their homes, some even spending thousands of dollars for these systems. Some, unfortunately, do not have the extra funds on hand to do the same. Until now. There’s another option for you & I, and it’s 1ByOne wireless security.

I recently had the opportunity to review the 1ByOne wireless alert system. The system I was given included the base receiver and 2 motion sensors. The motion sensors require batteries in order for them to work, so be forewarned of that issue.

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1ByOne Wireless Security System Features:

  • It comes with 1 receiver + 2 motion sensors, place the motion sensors anywhere inside or outside your home or property to guard your home.
  • Six-way alarm system, each zone can be equipped with up to 10 PIR or Magnetic Parts Accessories, grouped into 6 zones. Additional motion detectors, window and door sensors can be purchased separately as add ons to the receiver.
  • Reliable range up to 150 meters from wireless motion detector to receiver, Sensor Motion detecting range of up to 5-8 meters, transmits a wireless signal to the compatible receiver when motion is detected.
  • Siren sound with volume up to 80dB (within 0.5 meters), 3 level of adjustable volume, 2 Mode Choices (Alarm + Flash or only Flash), with auto-learning code button on the sensor, it is much easier to pair with the receiver.
  • This product differs because of the useful panel to show you which area has been triggered. And the system has an undervoltage display, with Six Red LED on the alarm blinking at the same time when the battery voltage is low. It can monitor the sensors and the battery condition automatically.