Looking To Move To A New Area? Vancouver Could Be A Good Choice!

5 Reasons to Move to Vancouver

If you’re thinking about making a move, searching through Vancouver real estate options should really be on your must-do list. There are many reasons people move here, with The Star reporting that a University of British Columbia demographer revealed that “so many millennials are making the move that young people are making up a significant percentage of its booming population growth.” These are just some of the reasons why so many are choosing to do so.

Tech Careers

Vancouver is becoming the next big tech city – it has the fastest growing economy in the nation and the fastest job-creating economy, with tech jobs leading the way. It has a top-rated startup ecosystem and it’s the epicenter of the industry’s boom, with an increasing number of companies choosing to have their headquarters right downtown.

An Incredible Food Scene


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Many publications have named Vancouver as Canada’s top city for dining – several have even ranked it among the world’s very best destinations for foodies, including Food and Wine magazine. While you might think of fresh seafood, comfort foods like poutine and fantastic microbrews, it also offers cuisine from across the globe from Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese to Italian, Spanish, French, Greek and well beyond. Enjoy it in everything from farmers markets, cafes and pubs to upscale restaurants and more. Of course, delicious Canadian fare is on the menu to like Hawksworth, famous for its haute farm-to-table Canadian dishes that are a true form of art.

The Mild Climate

Vancouver enjoys one of the country’s mildest climates. It rarely sees snow, and temperatures seldom drop below freezing. Look forward to spending time outdoors all year-round. While there may be some rain now and again, you can still get out and enjoy it, usually with just a light rain jacket – and with the rain, that means snow in the surrounding mountains, and opportunities for fantastic winter sports. Just a short drive away is Whistler, famous for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Scenery

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Of course, you can enjoy a long list of other recreational activities in the warmer months too, all while surrounded by especially lush scenery. One of the world’s most beautiful cities, Vancouver is surrounded by soaring mountains and water in nearly ever direction. Just minutes from downtown and you can be immersed in wilderness that feels like your worlds away. Enjoy hiking endless miles of trails and enjoying the nature at places like the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Originally built in 1889, it hangs high above the Capilano River offering a unique and heart-pounding experience among vibrant greenery. You can take the Cliffwalk that meanders along the edge of a canyon and granite precipice adjacent to the river in a maze-like series of stairs, platforms and cantilevered bridges too. Of course, sailing, boating and cruises abound here too – enjoy day trips via ferry to Vancouver Island and many other places, take a sunset dinner cruise for a view of the skyline from the water, and more

Safe and Clean

Vancouver has a very low violent crime rate, with residents ranking safety levels quite high, even when walking alone, according to It’s also one of the cleanest cities there is, with the community involved in joining cleanup parties and pursuits to maintain the city’s cleanliness and high level of livability.