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5 Things to Look for When Buying Your First Home 

Home Buying Tips You Need To Know

While many young people, and some older people, dream of owning a new house to start the next chapter in life, things can feel a little too real when technicalities are involved. You’ll need to consider a lot of factors. To make it all easier as a first-time home buyer, go over the things you should look for when on the hunt for your first home. 

Be Prepared 

The first thing on the list is more personal — something you’ll have to prepare yourself for. When getting ready to view a house, always go with a curious mind. Don’t just walk around looking at the rooms. Have questions to ask the agent or homeowner. Ask how long the house has been empty, whether there’s something you’ll need to repair, and more. Don’t let the home-owning excitement get the better of your buying decision. 

Check the Doors and Windows 

You’ll be moving into the house if everything goes smoothly, so make sure the house is move-in ready. Check the doors and windows. Don’t just look at them and assume they’re OK. Don’t hesitate to open and close the windows. Ensure that they lock properly and aren’t close to breaking or getting stuck. The same goes for the doors. Check the doorknobs and locks, and see if the doors open and close without any creaks. 

Dive Deep 

A house may look beautiful on the surface, but that doesn’t mean it will be the same story inside. You’ll need to go in a bit deeper. You can benefit from the services of a home inspector. The inspector can check for any electrical or plumbing issues and exposed wires, find out when the electrical panel was changed, and make sure the HVAC system is clean. Is the roof at risk of crumbling?  The water system isn’t leaky, right? Are there any issues with the bathrooms? An inspector can address these questions and more, and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you want, too. 

You’ll want to learn what systems have been updated and whether the appliances work properly. And don’t forget about the furnace. Your new house should be able to properly accommodate modern furnace installation if it doesn’t already have a newer furnace. 

Think Long Term 


Image via Flickr by shotbynicci 

The real estate market does make use of the term “starter home” a lot. However, it may be better if you think long term when deciding to buy a house. Are you hoping to start a family? Make sure the house you’re going to buy has adequate space if you aren’t into spending a lot on remodeling down the line. Always think whether the house you’re interested in can make a home you’ll be OK living in for at least 10 years. 

Location Matters 

You might have found the perfect house for yourself. However, it won’t do you much good if the location isn’t suitable. So, you should opt for a house that’s in a stable neighborhood. 

Factors Signaling Good Location 

  • Near your job 
  • Convenient distance from local amenities (shops, gas stations, etc.) 
  • In a quality school district if you have children or are planning to 

These tips will help you be prepared to buy a house that’s sure to be a good investment for you and your growing family. 

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