What is Tricias-List ?

What IS Tricias-List ?

Tricias-List is a lovely little blogsite created by its owner,Tricia Wehner.

My site started out as a coupon sharing and freebie site named Be A Material Girl For Free,and I still have our Facebook page which goes by that name.It’s sentimental to me and I don’t want to make any of my followers unnecessarily migrate from one page to another.

Over the past 4 years (yes,Tricias-List is now FOUR years old!), I have worked hard and helped my blogsite bloom into an up and coming Product Review Blogsite. I have written product reviews for a variety of well-known companies (Build A Bear Workshop,Soft Scrub,and Soda Stream),written articles for SheSpeaks,Social Moms,Visit Virgina Beach,and Applegate Farms,  and I have also done a commercial for Bayer Advanced Aspirin based off of my experience/review with their aspirin product.

Here at Tricias-List , we still look for and share freebies and deals,but now we also write articles on other aspects,such as ways to keep finances together and ways to save $$ ,both inside the home and outside. I have a family of my own,so I know how hard it is to get/provide what you need for family while saving money for the new ,fun things that you want.That’s why I created this blog… to share what products are the best quality with the best price for family. I hope that you enjoy my blog ,and thank you for visiting Tricias-List.com … is YOUR product on “The List”?



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  • Sylvia Stone

    Tricia…on the Stonehenge non-stick frying pan you discuss here — you mentioned that it comes in 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes; however, I can only find it in the 10″ size on the internet. I am not talking about the “greenie” product also by them — just the stone one.

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    there is no page linked to the comment portion of the contest for the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier Giveaway

  • I couldn’t find a place to comment for the Waylene hair giveaway, so I thought I’d comment here and let you know that I think it would do wonders for my frizzy out of control hair! 🙂

  • Love your blog.Hope you keep up the good work. You have very interesting information and great tips to share.

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    Love it great work!

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    Gorgeous!!! kep up the great work