Addiction Keeping You Down? Here’s 3 Tips To Coping

3 Healthy coping mechanisms to try if you are struggling with an addiction

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The rate of drug addictions has been on the rise all across the world.  The triggers are varied, but once one gets hooked, the only way out is to find an effective coping mechanism. Most people dealing with addiction choose to seek help from rehabilitation centers, but sometimes it doesn’t work. That’s because, even after going through rehab, some end up relapsing. In fact, 40-60% of drug addicts relapse. This is a huge challenge both for the addicts, and their families.  For those who are trying to cope with addiction or know someone who is dealing with this problem, here are 3 healthy coping mechanisms to try if you are struggling with an addiction.


  1.    Go for IOP treatment

One of the best ways to cope with addiction is to go for IOP treatment. IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program and entails specialized therapy that is conducted on top of the primary rehabilitation program. It comes in morning and afternoon sessions and combines family counseling, training for useful skills among other things that are aimed at fully rehabilitating the individual.  IOP is quite effective because it goes beyond the medical aspects of treating addiction. It deals with the factors that can lead the individual to fall back into drugs. Maryland addiction recovery center is one of the best iop treatment for Baltimore Maryland residents.


  1.  Find a passion and distract yourself with it

Relapsing into drugs is probably the biggest challenge that most drug addicts face. However, it doesn’t just happen. Most of the time it happens due to having too much free time in hand. This makes it easy to start thinking about the drug, and the good feeling that comes with it. When that happens, an addict will find themselves seeking the drug again. To avoid this, an addict should find a passion and keep themselves busy with it at all times.  Physical exercise is one of the best distractions that a recovering drug addict can go for. Not only is it healthy, it also helps keeps the brain fully occupied, and takes away any thoughts related to the drug.


  1.    Join a support group

Support groups for struggling addicts exist for a reason, and that reason is their effectiveness in helping recovering drug addicts. When a recovering drug addict joins a support group, they get comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their journey to soberness. This can give you the strength to keep going. One common technique used by support groups is to set timelines for staying sober. For instance, if you join a support group that has a 180-day challenge to stay sober, you will have the motivation to keep going so as not to disappoint the group. Eventually, you will find yourself forgetting about your druggy ways. Support groups also help forge relationships that can lead to better relations that can help you stay out of drugs for good. Part of the reason why people get into drugs in the first place is due to the people they hang around with. If you hang around people are trying to improve their lives, you will improve yours too.  

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