Amazing ways to potty training your puppy

Amazing ways to potty training your puppy


Puppy potty training doesn’t differ that much from any kind of teaching you would provide to your child. When teaching a puppy how to potty, you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically as it is something that takes time, energy and foremost nerves.

But there are other implications to potty training.

If you mess it up, it can affect any type of training you perform afterwards. Given that this is one of the first things you will teach your puppy, it will affect the relationship between the two and set up basis for any other training you may perform in future.


Actionable tips for puppy potty training


According to some dog experts, potty training is a sum of different steps. For others, it is a wholesome process.

No matter how you look at things this is the stuff you need to do on a daily basis:


  • You need to wake up each morning before your dog. Given that puppies are so small and do not understand anything, their first impulse is to pee if they need to. This means if you’re not there to take them out, dog will start ruining your carpet or floor
  • When you go out, make sure that you stay just long enough so that the puppy can do its stuff. Of course, during the day you will go out so that the puppy can run around and relax. But when going out for a potty, make sure that the dog knows what’s up. If you teach the dog that it is ok to stay longer, there is a good chance it will get spoiled and you will have issues later on in life
  • Puppies have a strong sense of smell. They can also easily recognize their spot for relieving. Make sure they always can go and relieve themselves on the same spot or at least on the same type of surface
  • When serving meals make sure that you give your dog the same quantity each and every day. This is how you can monitor its needs. If the dog doesn’t eat it at once, remove the food. That way you can prevent puppy eating small bits throughout the day and you can also monitor its behavior
  • After dog has finished eating, it will need to go out to relieve itself. It takes approximately 30 minutes for a puppy to digest food. Of course, this may vary. At first make sure that you are outside before puppy realizes it needs to go. If you are too slow, the accident may occur
  • When it comes to accident, prepare for them as they will happen a lot
  • You will also need to go out before going to bed. Puppy needs to have an empty bladder so before sleeping so you can prevent over-night accidents


As you can see, there are a lot of rules you need to abide by.

It is something that you will learn as the time goes by. Have in mind that accidents and issues will occur and you will have to learn to adapt.

No matter what, puppy potty training is crucial for development of a dog. It sets up a good basis affecting its character. If an owner is too lenient during the process, puppy will be spoilt. However, that doesn’t mean you should punish your dog or be too harsh. Everything you do you need to do it with love otherwise a gap will appear between two of you.

Lastly, it is best if you personally train your dog. Having too many people take him out will send a mixed message.