Blogging Opportunity With TV AIRTIME !

  BLOGGER OP with TV AIRTIME ! OctaveTV/Media is looking for Vloggers,Bloggers,and Reviewers to work with  their network.They are offering advertising time and possible TV Hosts spots on their TV network for those who are interested.I have been working with them for almost a year and they are really on the way up.Newly public Octave Television is offered nationwide

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! #Nutrisystem Update

  Oh,wow … I can’t believe it is now 2013! I am so excited for what challenges and achievements this year is going to bring. Starting with my #Nutrisystem goals. I weighed in for the first time yesterday and I saw that I lost 2 pounds!! Yay ..go me ! With my Nutrisystem Select Plan,it

A Nutrisystem Journey (*5 Days Down* )

  Good Saturday morning! It’s 7 in the morning Saturday and a just finished my breakfast.Well,I finished about 30 minutes ago,lol. I had pancakes and sausage. A normal meal that anyone can have. The only difference? The food came from Nutrisystem. Yup..Nutrisystem pancakes and sausage.And it’s tasty.No,it’s not super buttery tasting and it’s not greasy

Free Sample of Flavor Burst Chews

    Yummy Gummy ! You know how the kids have their Gummy Vitamins? Well,now we adults can have our vitamins in a yummy form,too. Centrum (a well known brand that has been trusted for years) has created their Flavor Burst Chews and they are giving out free samples to whomever would like to try

12/26 – Nutrisystem Update

  Food … It makes me H-A-P-P-Y ! Omigosh…I am so excited about my Nutrisystem journey! Really,I just started Monday December 24,2012and it’s only been two days that I have been eating the food and adhering to plan, but I am still so excited! The plan is just so easy to stick to.You get all