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32 Days Til “Black Friday” !

Oh my ,oh my ! Halloween is almost here ,and you know what it means when that day is over ? That’s right, HOLIDAY BUYING SEASON ! That’s why I am getting myself prepped for the shopping season by signing up for notifications about Black Friday already. One of my favorite notifications to have is… Read More 32 Days Til “Black Friday” !

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Sieva Cellulite and Body Firming Cream Review

   Get RID Of The “Dimples” For Good ! #sievacellulite Scenario – One beautiful sunny day ,you decide that the weather is so nice that you are going to put on some shorts to show off your legs and soak in some sun. You go get your favorite pair of cut-off jean shorts,zip them up,look in… Read More Sieva Cellulite and Body Firming Cream Review

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No More “Deodorant Oops”

Oh no. There it is. You pull your ark colored shirt or blouse over your head and down to your torso,and then you see it – deodorant streaks on your shirt …AHHHHHHH ! Where did they come from ? I have encountered this problem so many times with my “no show” “invisible” solid deodorants,and it’s always… Read More No More “Deodorant Oops”