Keep Warm And Toasty With Ozeri Oscillating Heater

Keep Warm And Toasty With Ozeri Oscillating Heater     Brrrr! Old Man Winter is showing his presence and it’s time to try and keep warm at home, now. For some, Winter has hit pretty hard already. I tried really hard to ignore the tell tale signs, but my house is getting cold at night,

The 3 R’s & How Easy They Are To Do!

The 3 R’s -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️ It’s awesome to know that there’s so many people in the world 🌎 who are going green! Being eco friendly has become easier to do and practice in homes. Achieving the “3 R’s” is no longer looked at as burden. I try to recycle and reuse most things

Making 2017 My Best Year For Healthy Living!

Making 2017 My Best Year For Healthy Living!   Omigosh, guys. 2017 is HERE! So… now what? Of course we all go through the motions of making those ever present “Healthy Living” New Year Resolutions; I know, I’m one of those people who make the same one every one year. Better eating, lose weight, be

5 Reasons To Visit Medieval Times Baltimore

5 Reasons To Visit Medieval Times Baltimore It’s always good to get the royal treatment. And that’s what you’ll definitely get when you go to a Medieval Times show.    And, We’re Off! I, along with my family, went to a show December 21st show and we absolutely loved it! We live near the Baltimore,

SnackNation – Delicious, Healthier Snacks Delivered To Your Door

SnackNation – Healthier Snacks Delivered Snacks… Who doesn’t love them? I know for a fact that this girl enjoys snacking. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I eat healthy snacks, but most of the time the snacks are more in the “tastes delicious but so not good for you” category. What’s a person supposed to do

FOODIE : Easy DIY Cosmic Brownies ! *Holiday Edition

FOODIE : Easy DIY Holiday Cosmic Brownies !    THIS IS AN UPDATED VERSION OF MY NORMAL COSMIC BROWNIES. TO GET THE HOLIDAY VERSION/LOOK, SIMPLY REPLACE REGULAR COLORED MINIS WITH HOLIDAY COLORED MINIS. Yup… I’m a Foodie. I love eating food. Absolutely and totally enjoy cooking it. A swell of happiness engulfs me watching other

Jennifer Collection – Countertop Style In An Instant!

Jennifer Collection – Countertop Style In An Instant Have you ever walked into your kitchen and thought that your countertops were lacking some sort of flair to them? I have. Maybe it’s because I have yet to get the granite or stone counter tops that I so long for, or perhaps it’s because I crave

Unicorn Gold – No More Stinky Booty Bathroom Odor!

UNICORN GOLD POTTY SPRAY – No More Stink!   It’s magical! Unicorn Gold is a ‘before-you-squat’ potty spray uniquely created by Squatty Potty. Just a few sprays of Unicorn Gold into the toilet bowl and that, skunky, putrid bathroom stench stays where it belongs – trapped deep below the surface of the toilet water. Unicorn