The Best Natural Beauty Remedies

The Best Natural Beauty Remedies To Know Natural beauty. Most of us already have it… only a few embrace it. If there is one thing I enjoy about seeing beauty in its most natural form, it’s the clear, glowing, dewy face that radiates “healthy”. Below is an info graphic that can help teach how to

The 3 R’s & How Easy They Are To Do!

The 3 R’s -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️ It’s awesome to know that there’s so many people in the world 🌎 who are going green! Being eco friendly has become easier to do and practice in homes. Achieving the “3 R’s” is no longer looked at as burden. I try to recycle and reuse most things

Making 2017 My Best Year For Healthy Living!

Making 2017 My Best Year For Healthy Living!   Omigosh, guys. 2017 is HERE! So… now what? Of course we all go through the motions of making those ever present “Healthy Living” New Year Resolutions; I know, I’m one of those people who make the same one every one year. Better eating, lose weight, be

SnackNation – Delicious, Healthier Snacks Delivered To Your Door

SnackNation – Healthier Snacks Delivered Snacks… Who doesn’t love them? I know for a fact that this girl enjoys snacking. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I eat healthy snacks, but most of the time the snacks are more in the “tastes delicious but so not good for you” category. What’s a person supposed to do

Green Chef : Gourmet Meals At Home In 30 Minutes!

Green Chef – WhoDaThunk Cooking Could Be This Easy ?! Hey, Everyone! I’m in the process of trying out Green Chef, a meal box subscription. This box is similar to others meal boxes that you hear about out there, but I haven’t had a chance to try those others out just yet. Basically, you sign

2017 Is Coming … Are You Resolution Ready ?

Another wonderful year is coming up on us. 2017 is just a few weeks away and you know what that means, right? New Years Resolution making! My resolution for the upcoming year? I have a few. But the main one is something we’ve all made at one point in our lives; To be more fit

Eden’s Semilla – All Natural Beauty Line That Works

 Eden’s Semilla – All Natural Beauty Line That Works    Have you been looking for a new way to keep and/or restore your natural beauty? Since the beginning of time, beauty has been one of the great desires of human kind. While the definition of beauty rings different in the eye of each beholder, one

Meatless Monday ? Try Quorn!

Meatless Monday ? Try Quorn!   Do you participate in Meatless Monday ? I know a few people who do, including myself. I think the whole Meatless Monday movement is great. You get a chance to give your body a break from having to break down the red meat, pork, chicken, or fish that you