Manuka Honey – The Best Honey Out There? #SweetAsHoneyGiveaway

Manuka Honey – The Best Honey? Honey. It’s a wonderful golden all natural life elixir created by those amazing little busy bodies called bees. I know many households have a jar or two of honey in their pantries.  For whatever necessity we may have, honey seems to be a good,tasty staple for us. Personally, I

Got Beard ? Get Beardsmen Spirit – THE Beard Shampoo !

Got Beard ? Get Beardsmen – THE Beard Shampoo !     Hey. Have you got a guy in your family of friend circle who has a beard? I have more than a few guys that wear handsomely wear beards on their faces, and I love it,lol. There’s just something about that guy with the beard.

Keep Your Phone Alive – Portable Battery Packs

Portable Battery Packs -New Alternative To Phone Chargers ! Spring is springing ,and families all over are planning their Spring vacations and road trips. I know that I am in the midst of planning a trip to Washington DC to see the historical sites and to visit the White House with my princess. Of course,wherever

Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set – Does It Work?

Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set – Does It Work?   20 Piece Set Includes:  -30lb Black band *2 -25lb Bule band *2 -20lb Red band *2 -15lb Green band *2 -10lb Yellow band *2 -Chest expander *1 -Foam grip *4 -Ankle strap *2 -Door anchor *2 -Storage Bag *1 Product Description Disclosure: Tricias-List received one

Punch Skin Care – Naturally Organic Beauty

Punch Skin Care – Naturally Organic Beauty    What is Punch Skin Care? I had the pleasure of trying this product line out. Or maybe I should that I have (present) the pleasure, because I have been using the product every day since the first day it was given to me. The product line itself is fairly

MagicFly – Straightens Hair While You Brush It!

MagicFly – Straightens Hair While You Brush It!    About the Magicfly Hairbrush/Straightener Product Straighten Fast — Reaches the ideal temperature in seconds.Just few seconds, You can have your hair go from curly to straight!  Auto Shut-off Protection.Works in a low temperate at 180℃ which won’t damage our hair; Top silicon tips 50℃, ideal to

BzzAgent : COVERGIRL® LashBlast Mascara BzzKit !

BzzAgent :What’s In This CoverGirl BzzKit?  BzzAgent FREE COVERGIRL® LashBlast Mascara!  I had the privilege to review the CoverGirl bzzkit, & I’m loving the product! One coat of this mascara, & I’m good to go. 2 coats & I’m ready to hit the city and light up the night! Take a look at the results I have been

NEW ! | Renuzit Sensitive Scents #ProductReview & Giveaway

NEW !  Renuzit Sensitive Scents    Do you have any loved ones with sensitive noses? See how they like new Renuzit Sensitive Scents! Disclosure: The Renuzit Brand provided me with samples of Renuzit Sensitive Scents in exchange for a product review. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own. Do you find yourself smelling unwanted odors