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The One Cell Phone Gadget You NEED In Your Life Right Now!

QLYX : Have You Heard About The Latest BIG DEAL?!

qlyx cell phone mount

Cell Phones are basically in everyone’s life. Like, seriously. I think I’ve been connected to a cell phone since the mid Ninties. Yep… I’m definitely dating myself but I don’t care. Phone technology has grown to be so vast and advanced that the thought of losing your phone for day sends some into a frenzy! So, we are attached to the hip with our cell phones. And even though we aren’t supposed to… we still talk on the phone while in our vehicles. Heck, cars are even equipped now to connect to our phones via Blue-Tooth so we can go hands free. But for those who haven’t spent the extra moolah yet to get that new techie car, there’s a solution… QLYX.

I recently was given the opportunity by IDA USA LLC to try their new product, QLYX.  QLYX is a car phone mount, but it is unlike any other mount. Check out why below.


QLYX – is a first car wearable and a first smart cell phone mount both for iOS and Android.
▪ _ Collects driving statistics.
▪ _ Automatically drops parking pin.
▪ _ Auto-launches desired application.
▪ _ Shows weather forecast and traffic situation.
▪ _ Automatically offers to get directions to home/work.

▪ Smart mount reliably holds phone and assists you in everyday life. QLYX can be installed either on the air-vent with a clip or on any flat surface using an adhesive pad.

▪ QLYX has built-in Bluetooth Low Energy module to connect to the phone. On the phone, QLYX holder interacts with QLYX application (it is available for iOS and Android).

▪ In a nutshell, QLYX is a first phone mount that: Auto-launches desired application; Collects driving statistics; Automatically drops parking pin; Automatically offers you to get directions to home/office, depending on time of a day; Shows weather forecast and traffic situation around; Sends useful push-notifications.

▪ The combination of smart mount for car and application is designed to auto-launch desired app the moment you place and unlock your phone on the QLYX. QLYX app seamlessly runs in the background to interact with a holder, collect driving data and save parking pins.

My Point Of View

When I first started using this product, I admittedly was a little confused. I didn’t know what exactly it was supposed to do. Was it a phone charger? Was it a phone holder… why was there magnet on it? So many questions.. no answers!

This is where actually using Qlyx comes in.  I spent 2 weeks getting to know my new phone gadget. And now that I have done that, I have some appreciation for this little square thingamajig. What can I tell you about it? Well, I know for sure that when it is activated and attached to its magnet counterpart, it can and will:

  • Track your car mileage while driving
  • Keep track of where you parked your car. This can come in quite handy when you’re parked in a super busy or crowded parking area.
  • Work as a very nice GPS in case you don’t have one already.

I am still really learning about QLYX, but so far, I like what it does. It helps me out in my demure lifestyle,lol. If you’re interested in learning more about the brand, please take some time out to go and visit their website here

Okay, ya’ll. Since I’ve given you a laundry list of company specs, Now I want to put it  layman’s terms for you. I tested out the mount and I put it on

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