Need To Clean, But Don’t Know Where To Start? We’ve Got Some Tips For You!!


Everyone enjoys staying in a clean house but few people enjoy the process of making the house spotless. Granted, cleaning, dusting, mopping and wiping doesn’t make up an enjoyable fun activity but cleanliness is important to our mental and physical health.  

There are many health benefits of clean house including lowered stress levels and better mental clarity and reduced risk of developing allergies and other diseases. Simple cleaning habits like making your bed instils self-discipline and builds character. 

Maintaining the hygiene of your house doesn’t have to be a tiresome chore with these house cleaning tips. 

The kitchen 

Cooking sessions are often messy with cooking oil smeared everywhere, food wastes on the floor and a sink full of dirty utensils. 

One important hack to minimize the mess is to have a bowl or the trash can next to the counter so you can easily dump your kitchen wastes there instead of trying to play basketball with a bin five meters away. 

Should anything spill on the counter, wipe it off immediately. Kitchen stains tend to become stubborn the more they are left on the counter. Remember to clean the kitchen counter with warm water to prevent the growth of bacteria when you are done cooking. 

Also, wash your dishes after every meal and learn How To Fix a clogged sink.  

Living room 

It is a good hygiene practice to remove your shoes at the door and carry them to the shoe rack. This prevents you from bringing all manner of germs you picked in the course of the day into the house and also helps keep your floors clean. 

Use a detergent while mopping your floors to curtail the spread of germs. 

Regularly vacuum clean your carpets to avoid accumulation of dust which may trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems. Insects also hide in dirty carpets. 


Scrub and rinse your bathroom after every shower and change your shower curtains every fortnight to avoid the build-up of dirt and scum which may lead to an unpleasant odor. Wipe down bathroom doors to remove soap spots and do a major cleanup every month. 

Do not let toilet stains stick for too long. Clean stains as soon as you notice them to prevent the decolourization of your toilet bowl. 

Put dirty clothes in a laundry basket and wash your wet clothes as soon as you can since they make the house stuffy if left for a long time. 


The first thing you should do when you wake up is to make your bed. This doesn’t take more than two minutes but instils an important element of self-discipline in you. A well-spread bed makes the bedroom look neat and organized, and gives you an easy time in the evening when you want to retire to bed again.

Stack your clothes nicely in the wardrobe so you don’t have to throw everything around when looking for an outfit to wear while you are in a hurry. 

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