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Computer Crash? What to Do Following a Computer Crash 

Computer Freezing? What to Do Following A PC Crash

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Computer freezing? The signs of a PC crash are impossible to miss, as a computer can experience everything from an annoying clicking sound to a deafening silence. When the worst happens, many people’s first response is to panic, but this will only slow down the recovery process.

If and when you have exhausted all efforts to fix the computer and recover data, you will be relieved to know that you have another option for recovering the lost files. You can consult a professional, experienced data retrieval expert to recover critical data, such as a business plan, financial information, or treasured family photographs.

Here are some informative tips on what to do following a computer crash to help you make a swift and successful recovery.

Check Your Connections

That dreaded computer crash might simply have been caused by a lack of connection to a power source. Your first step to a speedy recovery should therefore be to inspect if all devices and chargers. Make sure they are successfully connected to a source of power. Don’t forget to push a plug into a socket to be on the safe side – and ensure all chargers are connected into a device.

Restart Your PC

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Every IT expert will tell you to restart your PC following an unexpected computer crash. Most problems can often be resolved by either a hard or soft reboot. You might be surprised that it will boot up, so you can continue to use a desktop or laptop. However, if it fails to restart, you will have ruled out two potential problems.

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Make a List of Errors Experienced

If your computer did not restart, write down the list of errors you experienced before and during the computer crash. Write the list while the crash is fresh in your mind, to detail any issues you experienced before the crash occurred. For example, had you recently performed a PC update? What were you doing at the time of the crash? Did you have an anti-virus protection running? Write down everything you can remember, which could help an IT professional fix a faulty computer.

Safely Reboot

It is important you safely reboot your computer. Different operating systems have different built-in recovery solutions, which are also determined by the device and OS version. For example, you can boot a PC with the help of safe mode, System Restore or Last Known Configuration.

Avoid Untrusted Data Recovery Disks

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Unfortunately, if you have been unable to fix a computer following a crash, you must take steps to recover your lost files. However, never buy a restore or recovery disk from an untrusted source. In most cases, they can provide ineffective disks, which could make it increasingly difficult to recover lost data.

Backup Your Files

If you do manage to momentarily access a PC device, aim to backup as many sensitive files as possible. Use an external hard drive. This is so you won’t lose important personal or professional documents, videos, photographs, and software.

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