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Why You Should Consider Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Loans

Why You Should Consider Debt Consolidation Loans

Times get tough. Sometimes we fall back on our bills and then we end up having a money monkey on our backs. I’ve been there, and quite frankly… it sucks. Debt can be in various levels and be due to a variety of conditions. Some people have extremely high debt (like in the 10’s of thousands) and others have just a trickle of debt (like under 10,000 bucks). Debt can come from things like student loans from school or, mostly, credit cards and their sometimes astronomical fees. I fall in the under $10,000 category, but let me tell you… even that small amount of debt can hurt.

 Consolidate Your Debt

For people who have a huge amount of debt that includes being over 10k in bills, there’s a way for you to get help. It’s called Debt Consolidation Loans, and it seems like an easy process. How do you know if you’re a candidate for a loan? Well, you can by this table:

  • You can repay your consolidation loan without accruing additional debt.
  • You have the right credit to obtain a loan at a better interest rate than your current debt.
  • You are having a hard time keeping up with multiple different payment schedules.

However, as with all financial products, there are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • Make sure you are aware of the fee the consolidation lender will charge
  • Understand what support you have access to, for example: will the lender pay your creditors directly?
  • If there is an advantage to having a co-signer on your loan.

Learning How to Consolidate Debt    Debt Consolidation

Before deciding to take out a debt consolidation loan, make sure it makes sense. A debt consolidation loan doesn’t save you money if the loan’s interest rate is higher than the one you are paying on your current debt.

Additionally, if you don’t deal with the circumstances that lead you to accrue debt in the first place, then you will not benefit from a consolidation loan. It is important to not add any more debt after you have taken out your consolidation loan, or you will be in a worse position than you were before.

Finally, have a plan to deal with small emergencies before you start paying off your debt. A rainy day fund can help you avoid using your credit cards when an unexpected expense comes up, making it more likely you’ll get your debt under control.

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