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REVIEW* Dark & Lovely 6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum

Good day,Everyone!

Last night, I completed my 2 month review of my new hair product. It’s Dark a& Lovely 6 week anti-reversion cream serum. It is for people with relaxed and/or processed hair.As an African American woman ,I do relax (straighten by chemical processing) my hair.I usually do so every 2 months or so.Earlier this year,about 2 months ago,I was given the opportunity by Soft Sheen-Carson (the makers of Dark & Lovely products) to try out one of their newest products.This aforementioned cream serum is to be used in between relaxing periods to help keep your relaxed hair smooth and free from frizziness. How does it do it? It helps tame frizz by blocking the amount of humidity that affects your hair! I must admit,the first time I tried it,I was not impressed.Instead,I thought that it had made my hair routine a little longer and tedious.But,after 2 more “go rounds” ,I changed my mind.

The way you use the new Anti-Reversion cream is like this- every time that you wash and dry your hair,you need to apply the cream serum to moisturize it.Then you can style your hair after.I usually apply the cream after I am done blowing my hair with my Sedu hair dryer,and then I comb and blow dry the cream in.The Dark & Lovely serum works so well at keeping my hair from being frizzy in between relaxers and it really does help in keeping my hair smoother and softer.In this review,I have included a photo of my hair routine,with one side of my hair being treated with the Dark & Lovely Anti-Reversion Cream Serum and the other side untreated after my hair washing.You can really see the difference it makes.I also included a video that I made August 12,2012.


I think you can this Dark & Lovely product at Walmart,Target,CVS,Walgreens and your local beauty stores.The bottle costs about $  and should last you about 2 months,depending on how thick/thin your hair is and how much hair you have.I you get a chance to try it,please do so,and let me know what you think of it !


Dark & Lovely REVIEW

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  • sandra

    ok i just recently started using this product. how to i get my hair to go back natural?

    • http://tricias-list.com Tricia W

      I would suggest that you start to wean yourself off of chemicals like relaxers first. That process will take about 2-3 months. I recently cut my hair in (October) after staying away from relaxers for 3 months. I got a lot of new and healthy hair growth from doing so. And now that all the over processed hair is gone, I don’t rely on a lot of products. I just wash,dry,and moisturize my hair. And when I want it straight,I use my Instyler. It works great !

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  • kennedra

    Wat is the difference btw the styling cream n cream serum I have natural hair

  • Margaret

    Can it be used on natural hair?

  • Makeda

    This product can be used on natural hair. I use it on my hair and it make it soft and less frizzy. Try contacting the company for a free sample.

  • Peyton

    On the bottle, under directions, it says, “Do not apply on dry hair before the use of thermal appliances to avoid damage. Use the product only as directed, on wet hair.” I’m glad it worked for you, but it would probably work even better if you used it correctly.

  • Stephanie

    Does it weigh you hair down or make it oily? Just wondering because I have fine hair that naturally produce oil over a period of 3-4 days which leave my hair lifeless

  • Pattycake

    I used it the other day for the first time and I am definitely going to continue to use it. What a difference between my relaxers

  • Kym

    I tried this product the other day, and it seemed to dry my hair out and made it curlier. My hair is coarse and wavy. It did not work this time, but I will try it again and see what happens.

  • Hello

    works wonders on natural hair

  • Kayla Turner

    Can I use this product on natural hair???

  • Ashley

    Can I use other products as well? Like oil and hair creame?

  • MissBAMG

    I believe that it is intended for relaxed or chemically processed hair,but you can give it a try.Let me know how it works for you if you decide to try it !! :-)

  • Serenthia

    Can this product be used on natural hair as well?