Back In The Dating Scene? 4 Good Conversation Starters (That Won’t Scare Them Away)!

4 Questions To Ask A New Date Without Scaring Them Away

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Finding someone to fall in love with is hard. The pressure of making the right choice and protecting yourself from pain add to the struggle of finding that one true love. Thankfully though, social media and technology have made it somewhat easier to meet people and help long distance relationships to thrive. Various applications can be downloaded in the blink of an eye, making meeting new people and possible partners as fast as your internet connection. One of the biggest downsides however, is meeting people via social media. There reason is that there is a 50% chance that a person is not being honest and is pretending to be someone he or she is not. In fact, I am pretty sure that there are a couple of single people typing their anger away somewhere on their social media account right this minute.

So, with the struggles of meeting someone new, another hurdle to jump through is the first date. For those who are out of the dating game for quite some time, first dates and first meetups are, and most of you turn to websites dedicated to dating advice for women. I’ve come up with a couple of questions for you to ask your new date without making them look towards the next exit and running away.

  1.  Where do you work?

This might seem too boring as your neighbor’s song collection, but hey, it’s a simple question that can lead to more follow up questions. Usually, people tend to open up fast when asked with recent happenings during work. It can be a release for all the stress felt during the whole week. With that out of the way, you will surely have more fun during your date, and more questions can branch from that simple question.

  1.  Where are you from originally and what brought you to this city?

It can be fun to listen to anecdotes that can stem from asking this question. How your date started out as the class geek to this amazing, confident woman in front of you. Or how your date hid under the locker until the wee hours of the night. Without sounding like an interrogator, you were able to know more about your date and share memorable stories as well.

If your date is not a native of that city, it can be interesting to learn why he/she decided to move. It will also give you at least a preview of his/her current plans, disposition and priorities at present.

  1.  What are your hobbies?

If you are attracted to your date, chances are you would want to see him/her again. So what better way to know how your next date will go than asking for his/her hobbies. By knowing his/her likes and interests, you can easily map out your next date.

  1.  Traveled recently? If yes, where?

Traveling allows the person to experience new things and get immersed in new cultures. Talking about this during can make your date interesting as you share your recent or most memorable trips or dream destination. Who knows, maybe you’ll be in a relationship on that next trip!


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