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Dial Coconut Body wash -Review/Giveaway

Thank you for visiting the page.I am currently reviewing the new Dial Coconut Body Wash,and I wanted to share my view/take on the new product.

  Did You Know … ?
The new Dial Coconut Water Body Wash is the first body wash of its kind to include coconut water for clean,healthy skin? Coconut water is known as a “super water” for its natural hydration and health benefits.A lot of people ,including myself,drink coconut because it is healthier and seems to be a bit more hydrating than just water alone. This factor by itself makes me very excited to try this new body wash.
  I have been using the body for a couple of days,and I do feel a slight change in moisture for skin,which is a great thing.I tend to have very skin from time to time,and I always looking for the right product to hydrate my skin and keep it soft and smooth.Dial Coconut Water Body Wash is proving to be a contender in that department.I just need a little bit more time to know for sure if it’s the one for me.But so far,so good !
  If you would like to try the new Dial Coconut Water Body Wash for yourself,you can find it at your local retailer ,like Walmart or Target, OR you can enter my giveaway (listed below) to win a bottle for yourself.There will be 3 lucky winners and the entries are very easy and quick to do.Good Luck to you all !