Looking To Finance Your Business? Here’s 5 Ways

5 Tips for financing your physical therapy business

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So you want to start your dream of putting up a physical therapy business but you are looking for ways to on how to finance it? Keep reading through the list to give you tips on how to have the capital for your business.

  1. Use your savings

    – putting up a business is not something you do on a whim. You would have researched your market, come up with a business plan, etc.  One of the biggest expenses is the equipment you will need to buy. If you are truly serious and you believe that your business will grow, why not use up your savings to for your physical therapy equipment financing. While this may be risky because if the business fails, you can kiss your savings goodbye, it does mean that you will not have to pay any interest or owe anyone anything when the business prospers.


  1. Get a partner to team up with you on your practice

     – if you find that even dipping into your savings is not enough, you may want to consider taking on one or two partners to invest in the business. If they have a better credit rating than you, they may also get better rates if you choose to do a loan. Of course, you will need to study what types of partnership there is. And make sure that everything is documented and written on the contract so that you can manage the business together successfully.

  2. Get a bank loan

    – of course, you can go the traditional way and get a bank loan. But you must face the facts that there are many first time entrepreneurs who face difficulty in securing financing for their business, especially if it is just beginning. One of the cons in securing a loan is that it may be difficult to qualify, especially if you do not have a good credit score to show. But if you’re still in stages of planning your business, you can already start building your relationship with the bank where you want to get a loan. What you can do is get a small loan, and then make sure that you pay that back in the time you agreed with the bank. This way the bank will know that you are someone who makes the loan payments on time and may just approve you for a loan.

  3. Open a line of credit

    – in a line of credit, the lender gives you a specific limit for what you will borrow. And once you have paid that, the same amount is available for you again. Just make sure that you follow the terms of credit or it may affect your credit rating if you fail to abide by the terms.

5. Refinance your home – if you are paying a mortgage and you have discovered that you have made enough payments in order to have it refinanced, do consider this tip. Of course, in most cases, lenders will require you to have at least 25% equity, and you also need to make sure that you have a good credit score in order to qualify. With a second mortgage, you may have enough cash to start your business.

Consider trying one or two of these methods, and hopefully you’ll be able to get your business started healthily and happy!

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