*Flash* Weekend Giveaway !

Hey,everyone ! Wanna a quick easy giveaway ? Watch the following video to see what’s being given away,and then ENTER ! Good luck ! This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents ! Ends November 3,2013 !




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  2. Yes i am

  3. Love ELF products and prices!

  4. I like that they have a good variety of things to order from

  5. never heard of them but they look good

  6. I love ELF! I love their site and sales.

  7. Yes I have heard of ELF.I never tried them thou.

  8. I’ve heard of ELF, but I haven’t tried them yet.

  9. Yes, I love Elf! They have great prices!

  10. I have not but it looks like a great product!

  11. I love the ELF site. The prices are amazing and they always have discount codes.

  12. I like ELF; I buy a lot of stocking stuffers for my friends and sisters there.

  13. Yes, I know and love ELF. I most love the good quality for reasonable prices!!

    tridingermckee at gmail dot com

  14. Yes, I’ve heard of ELF and would love to try their products!

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. I love ELF because of their low prices on great products! I just bought from them not to long ago. :)

  16. I love Elf products because of their choices and their prices.
    Laurie Emerson

  17. I LOOOOOVE ELF! They have great products for such a cheap price, all of my makeup is ELF except for my mascara ;-)

  18. E.L.F. is great products. I have bought many of their items from our local stores. Very Affordable. And the site is so easy to navigate and very well organized.

  19. I have heard great things about ELF but I always assumed that they must be expensive. But now that I’ve checked them out, they look so affordable!

  20. I’ve heard of ELF but haven’t tried them. I love how cheap their products are.

  21. I love ELF because their products are reasonably priced. Plus they have a huge selection!

  22. I have heard of ELF before I like how cheap the products are.

  23. I love ELF and have ordered from them on several occasions. Other than their great prices and huge selection, I appreciate that they often offer codes that get your free shipping, free products or major discount. I also love their ‘sale’ section. Often you can get products for $1 or under.

  24. I have heard of ELF and I like how inexpensive their products are.

  25. I have not even purchased these products, never seen them anywhere, but I’d love to try!

  26. I do like all their products! They have great selection

  27. Yes, I’ve shopped with them before. What I love is the small sizes and small prices! I get to sample lots of things before paying full price.

  28. I am new to Elf. I love they offer everything for your face!!!

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  30. Awesome Flash Giveaway! Thanks for Sharing with us. Good Luck Everyone! ;-)

  31. I have never heard of ELF but looks very intriguing and I am going to check around on your site! We could sure use something like this! =)

  32. I love the prices and the glosses

  33. I’ve probably seen or heard of ELF before but have never used it. I like the prices and the look of the different lip glosses and lipstick

  34. I love ELF products and their prices! They are also great quality!


  35. I have never heard of ELF until now and wow…..they have some great items and afforable prices too!

  36. I have not heard about ELF. I like how attractive the site is. Easy to find info as well.

  37. michelle tremblett

    ELF is great, you can get everything you need in one spot and it is inexpensive! thank you for the chance :)

  38. I love ELF – inexpensive products. I always check out to see what they have on sale on their site.

  39. i was JUST on that site about an hour ago. their bestsellers are 50% off. i have been looking for a good primer and highlighter.!

  40. Kim-Bloggity Blog

    I have heard of E.L.F. before I love their eyeshadow palettes

  41. I like that the prices are low & reasonable with a quality product

  42. I haven’t heard of them I don’t think. Site looks great. There’s really a lot of stuff. Gonna have to spend some time there and look around some more.

  43. I love ELF. Love how their products are so cheap!

  44. I love elf, Especially the pressed mineral shadows!

  45. I love ELF!!! they have everything you need…

    PS… LOVE ur hat!!! Go Red Sox!!

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