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*Foodie Crush* What’s For … Breakfast ? Easy “Pop N Go” Egg Muffins !

*Foodie Crush* What’s For … Breakfast ? Easy “Pop N Go” Egg Muffins !

Good Afternoon, Everyone !

Ever wake up in the morning and want to cook something for you or your fam,and you just don’t know what to put together? I have an idea for you. It’s easy,basically mess free,and it’s delicious as well as nutritious. Wanna know what it is ?

It’s my easy “Pop N Go” egg muffins ! I call them muffins,but they aren’t bread nor do they have bread in them.It’s like a quiche,but in a muffin pan,and that’s why I call them egg muffins. So …how do you make these little guys? Simple..and all you need are a few things (keep in mind that you can add whatever ingredients you might have on hand and in your fridge to this recipe.)

Whisk to beat the eggs with a muffin Pan  (or two) . I got mine at the Dollar Tree for $1 a piece.

Pans for my egg muffins
Pans for my egg muffins …$1 each at the Dollar Tree ! LOVE that store !


You will need to slightly oil the muffin pan.I used Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil . A nonstick spray will work,too… if you prefer that.


1) Eggs . I used 7 large eggs and that in turn , yielded 1 dozen of the muffins.



2) Onions . I used red onions,but any type you have on hand is good. I also only used 2 slices on the onion and not the whole thing. If you are a fan of onions,then by all means add what you like !

3) Broccoli. I used the florets of 4 stems of broccoli; I want to get some veggies in !

4)Peppers. I used red peppers because that it what was in my fridge,but green,yellow,or orange ones are awesome ,too.Heck you could probably even combine a couple!

5) Parsley.It just makes things look pretty,PLUS parsley helps give you good breath,lol !

6)Cheese- I love cheese,and I feel that a little cheese just makes things so much yummier.   058

7)MEAT- You can add what you want IF you want to add meat . Just make sure that the meat is already cooked and be certain that the meat won’t be too heavy. Remember,the EGG is the start of this show !


Now that you have your ingredients, chop them up.Well,chop the veggies up … You beat the eggs,lol. And,preheat the oven to 350 degrees.


I,personally,  like to dice the peppers so that they are not too chunky.They and all the other veggies need not to be big because you will be putting the mixture in a muffin pan.Once everything is chopped up, add them to beaten eggs. Then add the optional cheese and meat. VOILA ! Your egg mixture is ready for cooking. Grab your ladle and start spooning the mixture into the oiled muffin pan.Fill each pot halfway full.If you fill it to the top,the egg will puff up and out and may create spillage in your oven… *No Bueno*.  After filling ,it should look like this (note- my pots were filled to the top,and that resulted in the muffins being  little bigger than planned-


Once you’re done filling the entire muffin pan, put the pan in the oven and bake for 20 minutes,or until the eggs are completely cooked.Then take them out ,and let them set for 3-5 minutes…then eat. See how easy that was? And it really only takes about 30 minutes ,including prep time. If you liked this recipe and you would like me to share more ,leave me a comment below and tell me what recipes you would like to see. I’ll do my best to prepare and share it you . Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!!!

Finished product photos –

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