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A New Pretzel Star Is Born !

Do you love pretzels? Do you love flavored chips? Now you can have BOTH! You can have the heartiness that a good pretzel gives you along with the crunch and flavor that chips offer all in one amazing yummy bag of Pretzel Crisps® . These crisps are ,like,WHOA, you guys. I kid you not !

I was given the opportunity to sample not one,not two,but all 7 of their Deli Style Pretzel Crisps® flavors.They are all DELICIOUS ! Each crisps flavor has it own unique taste and then pretzel is almost as a kettle cooked chip…but with more OOMPH to it! The deli style Pretzel Crisps® come in the following flavors –

Original – I would this one as a good dipping chip.It is the original Pretzel Crisps® that has just the right amount of saltiness to it.


Garlic Parmesan – OH.MY…GOODNESS ! These crisps are one of my favorite! They are packed with flavor and don’t worry about the garlic part…it’s not overpowering at all,and the parmesan taste it just perfect !


Buffalo Wing – I’m telling you… it almost like you are eating a real hot wing! I don;t know how they did it,but the people at Pretzel Crisps® really got the taste right! I was really  tempted to grab some bleu cheese and start dipping ! SOOOOOOO yummy !


Everything – I liked this flavor,but just not as much as I did others.I couldn’t really distinguish which flavors I liked most about this crisps.It is still delicious ,though !


Sesame – This is one like the Original Pretzel Crisps® … it’s great for dipping or eating alone. I don’t think that the flavored crisps really need any dipping sauces to them (other than the Buffalo Wing,and that doesn’t “NEED” a dip either)


Jalapeño Jack – This one is labeled “Bold & Spicy” because it is. It has a nice little kick to it and you can actually taste jalapeno in it.The smooth taste of the jack cheese just makes it even better.


Chipotle Cheddar – Another “Bold & Spicy” flavor. I shared this bag with my co-workers and they could not stop eating them ! I would even go as far to say that a couple of them wanted to scrap over who got to eat second and thirds ! LOL ! I do enjoy this flavor.If not because of the wonderful BOLD taste of the chipotle, then for the great cheddar taste. I am a cheese lover (it’s one of my weakness when it comes to food),and the cheddar taste is really in your mouth good with these crisps.


Now,if you all have been reading my blog for the past few months,you know that I have been on a healthy living/eating change of life.And that includes me limiting a lot of the snack foods that I love to eat.But I am happy to say that with Pretzel Crisps® ,I don’t have to give up snacking. One serving of crisps is only 110 calories,so for me,it’s a really good thing! I suggest that when you are your local store,look for Pretzel Crisps® and buy a bag …or two.I know you will love them!


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