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Google Express $10 To Shop Plus FREE SHIPPING

Google Express FREEBIE! Hey You! You Want To Do Some Awesome FREEShopping?

I just got this AMAZING deal, you guys. And it resulted in completely free food for my family and I from Whole Foods! I got $15 in free credit to shop on Google Express, plus they ship free if you spend $15 or more. It really IS a real deal. Don’t believe me? Check out my screenshots from my own purchase,as well as the real photos I took today of my package delivery (taken October 13,2016). Then… start your own Google Express account using my referral link and/or code. NOTE: YOU HAVE TO USE THE LINK OR CODE IN ORDER TO GET THE $15 CREDIT & IT HAS TO BE A NEW ACCOUNT. 

Steps To Getting Your $15 10 (Updated Feb 10,2018)

  1. Go to the website. Click the “Star Shopping” blue button. It will take you to the page to start your online shopping trip. There are no membership fees. You can get free shipping if you spend the store minimum,. which will be available for you to see. It’s usually $15-$25.
  2. Browse the store you want to shop from, then add items to the cart. Make sure you have $15 at least to get the free shipping.
  3. Go to checkout and use my referral code where it asks for voucher or discount code. If you signed up through my link, it should already be listed…you just have to hit “Apply”. This should automatically take off $10 in your cart.
  4. Complete checkout. Depending on how much you placed in your cart, your total should be close to $5.
  5. Once you’re done with checkout, you’ll get a confirmation email with the order you placed and you may even get a delivery time mailed to you.

If you need help doing this process, inbox me from our Facebook Page … I can help you there.

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