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Free Crest Sensi-Stop Strips !

Did you get this pretty awesome freebie, yet? I just requested mine,so as of March 11 9:18 EST…it’s still live.

Crest Tooth Sensitivity Strips

Crest Sensi-stop Strips

Introducing a breakthrough way to help stop tooth sensitivity. Crest Sensi-Stop Strips. Helps provide immediate sensitivity relief.

Product Information

Crest® Sensi-Stop™ Strips are thin, flexible strips that contain an active ingredient used by dental professionals. Unlike toothpaste, Crest® Sensi-Stop™ Strips are applied directly to sensitive areas, providing targeted delivery of the key ingredient that allows for longer contact time on the surface of the tooth. Within minutes, strips build a lasting barrier that helps stop sensitivity pain by blocking tubules, relieving symptoms of dental sensitivity for up to 30 days*.

• A breakthrough way to get tooth sensitivity relief.
• 1 strip for targeted contact.
• 10 minutes for immediate sensitivity relief.
• Up to 1 month of long-lasting protection.*
Get sensitivity relief like never before.

Go ahead to claim yours ,too !