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Freebie WristbandoftheMonth-April

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This Month’s Giveaway:
LIVE. LOVE. Wristband
A Wristband Nation Exclusive Design
Our Live. Love. Wristband isn’t just another accessory. The Live. Love. Wristband was created to inspire. We hope that with this around your wrists you can be motivated to continuously live a beautiful, caring, and giving life. When worn, the Live. Love. Wristband is a constant reminder to reach beyond the stars and to love deeply. Because life is too short for anything less.
Quality Wristband Nation Wristbands are designed by Designers, Artists, and those who love creativity. 100% Silicone means water-resistant, durability, and flexibility. These will be there with you through rain or shine! PLUS: Our wristbands are No Latex, No rubber, Allergen Free.
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