Gluten Free Cakes ? Yes … With Coffee Cake Connection !

What’s In A Cake ?

Oh yes. Yummy cakes. I love cakes. I love to bake them and I love to eat them. In this era of healthy eating and unfortunately.many  people becoming more intolerant to certain substances in foods. Substances like gluten,for example. The term Gluten Free is being used more frequently and a variety of foods have been into “redux” mode for those you need it .

Now, I know that sometimes when hear that something is Gluten Free, you tend to hold your nose up and think .”no, not for me”. Especially when it comes to Gluten Free pastries .However, there is one company that I know of who doesn’t put out some incredibly tasty cakes. Coffeecakes to be exact. The company is called Coffeecake Connection,and they work hard at providing some the tastiest cakes out there ..that also happen to be GLUTEN FREE  !

CoffeeCake Connection offered me the chance to review a couple of their delicious cakes and I happily accepted, Once the delivery arrived ,I opened the box to be greeted by prettily wrapped and boxed cakes. One box was a Pumpkin Coffee Cake and the other box was filled with a variety of CoffeeCake Connection “Cake-A-Lettes”. I will tell you my taste experience with both !


CoffeeCake Connection  CoffeeCake Connection

A Pumpkin Coffee Cake  …

I decided to serve the pumpkin coffee cake as a breakfast treat the day after I received my delivery . Why not,right? It would make a nice accompaniment to the coffee I have drink daily .

coffee cake 026

The Coffee Cake was incredibly moist and ,as soon as I opened the package, I could smell the amazing pumpkin flavor ! Unfortunately, for me , the taste wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I think I may told myself to expect the coffee cake taste and the taste of pumpkin bread together,so when I didn’t get that immediate “coffee cake with the crumbles atop of it “taste, I was left a bit disappointed. My suggestion? Go into tasting these Coffee Cakes with an open mind and willing taste palette . Don’t go in expecting the cakes to taste like anything else. With that being said,the pumpkin coffeecake is not one of my first choices. The rest of my CoffeeCake connection delivery,however,was amazingly delicious ! The cake-a-lettes are just the right size for one single serving and they flavors I received in the box were spectacular ! I received 4 different flavors and they are as following –

coffeecake connection


2) Chocolate Chip

3) Triple Berry

4) Cinnamon Swirl



All 4 of the cake-a-lettes were outstanding ! Super moist right out of the wrapping,and sure to satisfy just about any taste bud out there,no doubt ! I am more apt to purchase a variety of cak-a-lettes from the site ,but that is just because I would like to serve my guest a choice of flavors.Plus,if I want to freeze the cakes for later use,it’s so much easier,and I could just take one out of the freezer and heat it just for me ! With these cakes, it will be hard for the discerning person to really pick out what’s missing . If all gluten free foods could get the taste “right” the way CoffeeCake Connection has, I think I lot more people would be happier and healthier. That’s just my opinion ,though… you can always go try them out and see for yourself ! Oh,and just FYI … Coffeecake Connection makes Gluten free cookies and brownies too. Just head over to their website and browse the site for yourself !!

Coffee Cake A Lette
Cinnamon Swirl cake-a-lette

*disclaimer* I received free product in return for my honest opinion of Coffeecake Connection coffeecakes and cake-a-lettes.

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