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Special Thanks To Our Guest Blogger, Crystal C., For Her AMAZING Good Taste Silicon Baking Mats Review  (And The Cookies Looks Yummy..I Want Some) !! Find Crystal at her website here.


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I had the pleasure of testing these baking sheets and I am in love. Growing up, I watched my grandmother use butter or lard to keep things from sticking to pans.  I knew that wasn’t exactly healthy, so I tried to remedy that by using the “healthy” alternative of non-stick oil cooking sprays. It was an unhappy trade-off because even those cans of sprays use chemicals and preservatives and they did not always necessarily keep things from sticking. I am so happy now that I have been introduced to Good Taste’s Silicon Baking Mats. No more worrying about caked on particles coming off onto my food or using a ton of chemicals in a hope that my food will not stick.

Good Taste silicon baking mats  These mats were sent to me by a friend to test out and review. I had used silicon pot holders before so I was a little perplexed on how these mats work. The box is simple enough, claiming that it was non-stick and reusable. Most importantly, it was easy to clean and FDA certified. On the side it gives Good Taste instructions like how it can withstand temps up to 536 degrees, flavors will not penetrate into the mat, and how it is durable and long lasting. It also gives Bad Taste directions like you are not to use it with a boiler or open flame, you can not cut directly on it, or you can not fold it.  Now I am a stickler for details, so I went online to find instructions on how to use it since I was new to the idea of baking mats. You place them on your cookie sheet or in your baking dish and then place whatever you are going to bake on top of it. I can see where that will be fine when baking cookies but I have not tried it with cakes or anything that requires anything deeper than a cookie sheet. But that’s ok! It worked amazingly with the cookies I baked.

20150531_192105 I opened the mats, which where rolled up in the box, and then washed them with mild dish soap. I am a firm believer in washing anything my food will be touching before I use it. I had read online that it would feel a little greasy but that is normal. After drying, I placed it on my cookie sheet. (I’m thinking I need to upgrade to a bigger sheet because the mat dwarfed it.) I went with pre-cut Minion sugar cookies cause, honestly, I couldn’t resist them. (I mean, who can resist a cute little minion?!) I baked them for 5 minutes longer than the package required since the sheet wasn’t touching the inside of the pan.

Good Taste silicon baking mats  The silicon mat cooked them like a charm and they were able to manage a nice spread. (Obviously, my daughter couldn’t resist a minion either!) I let the cookies cool to a nice, slightly warm temp before using a plastic spatula to remove them from the baking mat.

Good Taste silicon baking mats  The cookies released from the mat without any hesitation! I could pick them up with my hand once they were cool enough. There was no discoloration of the sheet and the cookies tasted amazing. The bottom of them were not left feeling oily (like with cooking sprays) and they didn’t have an oily taste.

I would definitely recommend these baking mats for anyone who was looking for a cost friendly way to bake without using chemicals and unhealthy alternatives.