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Does It Work? Gosh Parallel iPhone 6/6S Battery Case

Gosh Parallel iPhone 6/6S Battery Case- Does It Work?

First things first.. this may seem like dejavu for you, because I just wrote an article about the benefits of having a portable battery pack. There is ONE BIG difference,though. Now I’m going to focus on one BP in particular… the phone case battery pack. So…. here we go!!!

SUMMER IS HERE ,and people everywhere are planning (or already on) their vacations and road trips. I know that I am in the midst of planning a trip to Williamsburg to see the historical sites and to visit the Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens with my family. Of course,wherever you go, everyone will have cell phones and tablets at fingers length. So, you know sometimes you’ll face the inevitable “low battery” sign that pops up as a warning.  And how funny is it that the warning pops up at the most inopportune time,too? Like when you are nowhere near an outlet or you don’t have electricity right there to juice your charger? There’s a solution for that … portable battery packs !

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I used to not want to carry a battery pack because they were always bulky and heavy. No one wants to carry a 5 pound battery in their purse just to charge something,lol ! But now, companies have come out with better battery packs. They are designed to be slimmer,lighter, and more powerful than ever before . I had the opportunity to test out a few different battery packs form a couple of companies, and I am pretty impressed with the lot of them. One type of pack intrigued more than the others,though, & it is the iPhone 6 battery case. I mentioned the Chronos phone BP in my last post, but today I’ll be talking about the GOSH i-phone 6/6s case-battery pack.

Product Description

Never worry about a dead battery and get the extra power you need for your iPhone 6/6S with the Parallel iPhone 6/6S Battery Case from Gosh. In addition to extra juice, the Parallel provides the security your Apple iPhone 6/6S needs with premium protection against the wear and tear of everyday living, all while being slim enough to fit easily in your pocket. With its light-weight, slim design, the Parallel is fantastic at keeping your iPhone 6/6S charged up and ready to go. The Parallel iPhone 6/6S portable charger houses a removable 2900mAh battery that slides off and can be swapped out on the fly. Each portable and powerful battery can more than double the usage time of your iPhone 6/6S. The Parallel was designed with utility in mind, maintaining access to all ports, switches, and buttons. Best of all, the Parallel’s battery is removable and plugs in only when you need it so you can decide when to charge your iPhone. Power level indicators allow you to check the power remaining at any time. Gosh Parallel Protective Charger Battery Case is designed for your Apple iPhone 6S (2015) / 6 (4.7 inches ONLY) (2014)

  • Doubles your iPhone 6/6S battery life – more than 10 hours of additional talk time and 14 hours of web browsing.
  • Removable 2,900mah battery that can be swapped out on the fly or removed when not needed.
  • Fully protective slim hardshell case that provides comprehensive protection without compromising utility.
  • The detachable battery allows full access to your headphone and lightning port when needed and has been MFI approved by Apple.
  • Featuring a MicroUSB input port and lightning output port, the case has data and power pass-through enabled. Your iPhone 6/6S can be charged and synced while encased via the included MicroUSB cable.

My Take On The GOSH

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I’ve reviewed a similar BP like this one before. But there are a couple of  differences I’ve noticed. The first noticeable difference is that there seems to be no LED light indicator, but there really is. The indicator is simply located on the side of the case & not the bottom of the case. The BIG DIFFERENCE though, is that you have a connector cable attached to the power bank case itself. That… connects to your own phone & in turn charges your phone. The other battery case I’ve got that is similar just has the iPhone end prong on it, and it’s constantly attached to your phone, which may or may not interfere with the life of your phone. The GOSH also has 2 pieces to it… which I’m kind of failing to understand why. To know more about the GOSH parallel 2, take a look at the video posted below!

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