Grow Fragrance : Something So Simple, Yet So Wonderful

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Mindfully made home fragrance that's 100% plant-based, toxin free and safe for your home. Eliminate odors and freshen fabrics. The beauty of nature, in your home.

I found a new way to freshen the air in my house, and I’m loving it! The product is called Grow Fragrance and it is the bees knees. Yup, I said “bees knees”! If you know anything about me, then you’ll remember that I try to incorporate healthier living conditions in my family. That includes eating healthy, exercising, and trying to be green and helping Mother Earth instead of hurting her. Am I perfect? NO…not at all. But, at least I try.

That’s why when I was given the opportunity to work with the amazing people at Grow Fragrance, I was totally stoked! I mean, who doesn’t like to have their home smell nice and fresh with a hint of fragrance included? I surely do … that’s why I buy those 3 wick candles at store that nearly every woman (and a lot of men) shops at,lol. Before I share my Grow Fragrance experience with you, I want to spit some hot fire about the company. These people need to be known more!

They Wanted What We All Wanted

The people who joined together to create Grow Fragrance all had a common desire. They wanted a modern air freshener that smelled like our favorite candles, but was toxin free and made from 100% plants. Most of them just didn’t feel good about the home fragrance options available, either. For example:

  •  couldn’t handle the fake smells and synthetic petrochemicals in traditional air fresheners.
  • not fans of the green-seeming brands that said ‘made with essential oils’, yet also contained petroleum-based chemicals, some with health concerns.
  • loved the idea of traditional essential oils, but found them expensive, time consuming, and pretty basic in their odor.
  • Despite liking the idea of fragrance, some didn’t use air fresheners at all.

What’s A Person To Do?!

The crew began by designing Grow Fragrance for themselves. They made sprays to use in their own homes around their families, friends, and pets.

Despite their experience in naturals and fragrance, it took nearly two years and hundreds of tests.  But guess what? They succeeded and now can present to everyone something that smelled amazing, worked effectively, and offered peace of mind.

I’m Using It Right Now

I was gifted 2 bottles of Grow Fragrance to try in my home, and guess what? It is really good stuff! I had my daughter spray some in her room upstairs, and she enjoyed it. She actually kept one of the bottles for herself… no lie. And, just so you know, my daughter has no qualms about letting it be known when she dislikes something; she’s pretty blunt and pulls no punches. The scent she kept for herself was the Bamboo.. More than likely because I refused to give her the lavender bottle.

These sprays are so airy and fresh. All it takes is a 2 sprays to fill an average sized room. When I say “fill”, I don’t mean that the scent is overpowering, because it’s far from that. The scent seems to diffuse through the air and freshens it, all while leaving a nice smell. It’s good… I like it. I’m happy that I had a chance to try these, and I do see myself replacing my other sprays with Grow Fragrance. The price is a bit higher than the ones you are familiar with at the moment, but there’s great reason.

You are getting a better product, free from parabens, made with essential oils and not full of toxins that you and your family may be breathing in with other sprays. So, if you are interested, give Grow Fragrance a try. I think you’ll be happily surprised if you do!

USE MY LINK & GET $10 OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE. That’s basically getting one bottle of Grow Fragrance for free when you do the 2 for $20 deal!

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