Growing, Raising, & Cooking With Your Own Herbs And Veggies! (Pt 2)

Yes… A lot of my herbs and a few of my veggies are grown right in my backyard. I started growing my own organic foods almost two years ago, and I’ve not stopped since!

Growing a vegetable or herb garden isn’t as hard as it seems. And you don’t even need big yard; All you need is a pot, some soil, seed, and some patience. This year, I planted beets, carrots, sun sugar tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, and watermelon… All in POTS. And, they all yielded some really yummy food. Here’s what I used to grow them:

  • Certified Organic Seeds
  • Flower Pots From Dollar Tree
  • Soil From Walmart (I used nutrient rich soil)
  • Miracle Grow (for feeding throughout growing)
  • Plant name tags

I planted the seeds according to instructions in the pack, and watered accordingly. The seedlings sprouted and then, after a few months of tending to… I had a bounty of delicious fruit and veggies! And I use my veggies and fruit at home all the time. I make salads, smoothies, and I use my fresh herbs for making sauces, pesto, it just to add to food for extra flavor. There’s nothing like cooking with fresh herbs! I personally have over 10 different herbs growing my garden now…. It’s great!


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he above photos give an example of some of the ways that I personally use the herbs my fruit, and vegetables that I grow right in my back yard. Being able to truly “eat fresh” gives me reassurance that I am eating and living at my healthiest, and I try very hard to pass those same healthy living habits to my family. If you’re able to grow your own foods in your home, you should definitely give it a try. You’ll see that you’ll begin to enjoy foods even more & you’ll definitely notice the differences between real organic food compared to the treated or processed foods.

I’ve begun to use so many techniques to get rid of the “junky” stuff in my house, that I’ve even surprised myself at how easy it is to have totally natural products that you can count on to work for you. I mean, I make natural fruit rolls & candy that, by my kids musings, actually tastes better than store bought processed stuff. We create our own “Pop Tarts” from semi scratch, I make pasta by hand and so many other things. I personally don’t think it’s time consuming, either. So you see… it’s so easy to do take steps towards organic, natural living. YOU can do it… just trust in yourself. Stay tuned for upcoming healthy living & eating posts in the blog; I’ve got tons to share with you. Or, you can search out blog to see if we already have a topic out you may be desiring to see. Thank you for reading!!!

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