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*Foodie Alert* Free Egg Substitute For Healthier Eating

Bill Gates had a free sample.
And now it’s your turn.

Are you or have you been considering becoming Vegetarian/Vegan? Are you looking for a healthier way to eat eggs? Here’s a chance to try a new substitute for eggs. It’s called Beyond Eggs ,and this product is from Hampton Creek Farms. They areĀ a food technology company specializing in the development of plant-based egg ingredients.According to their website, “when you use Beyond Eggs, your products look, taste and feel the same as if they contained eggs.”

Hampton Creek Farms

So,they have a product that has the same qualities as real eggs do,but they are not real eggs,they are plant based.Hmmm… I’ll give it a go. What about you? If you would like to try out Beyond Eggs, you cab request a sample by clicking here . The link will take you the Hampton Creek Farms website and it will ask you to enter to your email address.When you do,you will receive an email with further instructions.Let me know if this works for you.

Thank you for reading !