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HAPPY NEW YEAR !! #Nutrisystem Update


Oh,wow … I can’t believe it is now 2013!

I am so excited for what challenges and achievements this year is going to bring. Starting with my #Nutrisystem goals. I weighed in for the first time yesterday and I saw that I lost 2 pounds!! Yay ..go me !

With my Nutrisystem Select Plan,it is so easy to eat healthy and lose weight..not a joke.I know it sounds a little corny with me saying it (because it sounds like a TV commercial to me,lol),but it very true.If you have been following my updates then you see what foods I have been eating and mostly all of them are delicious! Plus,I get snacks and desserts that satisfy my cravings.All that AND I get the joy of reducing my ¬†weight and my waistline … SCORE!

So… update for January 1,2013… I have lost 2 lbs in a weeks time.My water intake has increased dramatically from when I started;I am now drinking at least 64 ounces a day compared to the maybe 20 ounces prior. I eat 5 meals a day (breakfast,lunch,dinner,and two in between “snacks” that contain powerfuels),so I am NEVER really hungry. Nutrisystem is NOT a diet;you don’t starve yourself..you feed yourself the food/nutrition that your body needs to have a better metabolism and to be healthier. One week in and 2 pounds down and I am believer … keep checking my journal for more updates …until then ,I’m gonna have an ice cream sandwich for dessert !!



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