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This Cleaning Site Will Save You Time & Energy

This Cleaning Site Will Save You Time & Energy

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It can be hard keeping up a household. With laundry, dishes, and vacuuming, daily chores can truly eat up a ton of your time. In order to get some “me time” back, some homeowners have made the wise decision to hire a house cleaner.

House cleaners take care of all the tasks you mean to get to (but never do)! For parents this allows them to spend a lot more time with their children or catch up with work. Housekeepers can make your home feel fresh, clean and organized – relieving a ton of stress!

Find the right house cleaner for you, however, can be difficult. You first have to decide on a variety of factors: how often do I want my housekeeper to come by? Do I want to stay inside the house while they clean? Do I also want them to look after my kids or pets? If you’re looking for a housekeeper chances are you have particular time, location and service preferences. Sometimes word-of-mouth referrals just don’t present enough choices for you.


Since 2011, has been helping house cleaners and seekers find their perfect match! By making a profile and listing, gives users access to hundreds of thousands of users in the house cleaning industry! On the site, housecleaners and seekers and customize their profile and preferences so they can find the perfect match! There is no other platform that has as many listings in your area – making your search quick and easy.

If you’re looking for a house cleaner, click here to find housekeepers near you. And if you’re looking for a housekeeping job, you’ll find tons of households looking for housekeeping services.

Here’s how the site works. On, you can either register as a housekeeper and a housekeeper seeker.

If you are looking for a house cleaner near you, simply create a profile and a listing. From there on, cleaners will message you in response to your listing or, you can browse housekeepers yourself and message them as well! In your profile you can specify what you are looking for in a housekeeper in terms of hours needed per week, how much you are willing to pay and the services you need.

If you are a house cleaner looking for a job, create a profile and a listing. People looking for a housekeeper can message you from your listing or, you can scout out seekers in your area and message them yourself! In your profile, you can input your hourly rate, what services you offer and any other information your employer should know.

On searches can be filtered by…

  • Services provided (e.g. laundry, dishes, pet clean-up)
  • Whether or not your cleaner needs to bring their own equipment/supplies or if you will be providing them
  • Work eligibility (does your housekeeper have a background check?)
  • Transportation (does your housekeeper need their own license/vehicle?)

The average housekeeper wage can range from minimum wage to over $40 per hour so it’s important to pay your housekeeper right. Here are some quick stats to take into consideration:

  • The average housekeeper wage is $29.87 per hour
  • Housekeeper prices vary a lot by geographic area – in New York the hourly wage is $28.31 per hour  while in El Paso the average is only $14.88!
  • Certain services like attic cleaning and packing involve additional fees
  • Housekeepers with more experience get paid more – those with over 15 years charge an hourly wage of $32.03 on average

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