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How To Learn New Things & Earn $$… All While Traveling !

Earning, Learning And Traveling — 5 Top Tips


Whether you’re planning a gap year between school and college or taking a mid-career radical sabbatical, getting the most out of your adventure requires skillful planning.

And if you intend to use your extended break as a catalyst for changing your life, as well as packing as much pleasure in as possible, you might want to work a little and engage in education too.

When you achieve the perfect balance, earning, learning and traveling can be terrific fun, wonderfully fulfilling and far more enriching than a typical holiday.

With that in mind, here are five top tips on pulling it off.

1. Become A Travel Influencer

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photo from “Babe, Where’s My Passport?”

If you’re a dab hand at taking spectacular snaps for your Instagram account and are starting to attract a significant volume of followers, getting paid to promote certain destinations as a travel influencer can be lucrative.

The most popular influencers can earn anything between $4000 and $30,000 per post — take a look at this article from culture vultures Vogue to find out more.

If your Insta-business takes off, you might even choose to stay on the move indefinitely!

2. Teach English As A Foreign Language

Once you have an accredited TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification, teaching people in foreign climes how to communicate in your native tongue is great fun and can earn you some cash.

Sites like have opportunities in exciting locations like China, Thailand and Peru — it’s a great way to do something worthwhile and connect with local people.

3. Volunteer

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The nature of volunteering means you won’t get paid {per se}. But you might receive some sort of expenses and will use your skills to contribute to valuable projects in all sorts of diverse communities.

Iconic volunteer organization Peace Corps is a good place to start — it’ll match your skills with outstanding opportunities in Central America, the South Pacific and everywhere in between.

4. Become A Holiday Rep

If you love to party, have excellent organizational skills, are a natural entertainer and boast boundless energy reserves, you’re tailor-made to become a holiday rep.

Working in hotspots like Ibiza, Ayia Napa and Zante, you’ll mix with workers from around the world — united in your mission to ensure visitors to your hotel or apartment complex have the most magnificent vacay ever.

5. Study Online

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If you’re disciplined, own a laptop and can spare a few hours per week, it’s possible to earn an online degree while you’re traveling. And return home to completely new career opportunities.

Accredited unis like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning offer qualifications in everything from digital marketing to healthcare management at undergraduate and postgrad levels.

If you can access the internet wherever you’re based, you’ll connect with course mates, chat to tutors and submit assignments when it suits. Follow these five tips to earn, learn and travel for a truly transformational experience which you’ll never forget.

Do you have tips for an extended travel adventure? Share them in the comments section.