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Get Affordable Contact Lenses Delivered To Your Door For FREE!

Hubble – Affordable Contact Lenses Delivered To Your Door!

Contact Lenses. I’ve been wearing them for about 20 years now. These were life savers for me in the way confidence building. Before that time, big bulky glasses were my only resolve, and I wore them since the age of 9. It was a pretty awful time for me, especially since the choices for glasses with lenses of my strength were slim. When I entered my 20’s and was able to buy my own things, one of the purchases I made were new contact lenses.

 Cleared Vision

I had a lot of fun with my lenses,too. I had colored contacts and regular, clear ones. It’s amazing what a booster these small things are for a person confidence level. Usually, my choice for contact lenses are Acuvue (for clear) or Acuvue 2 lenses ( for colored). For $30-60, I can get a box of 6 pair of lenses IF I purchase them from the eyeglass place on Ft.Meade, which is a military base which services military and DOD personnel. Not bad… but now I found a new place. A company that gives me 15 pair of daily wear contact lenses for $30 total… and they deliver then to my door; No need for me to go out to get them! The company’s name is Hubble (get it, Hubble … like the lens), and so far, I think they are great!

hubble contact lenses

It’s really easy to order your lenses online,too. You simply go visit the Hubble site and fill out your info. Yes, you will need to have your contact lens prescription handy; How else will the company know what power to give you? When you’re done creating your account and entering your info, simply place your order, and your contacts will be delivered to your day about 3-5 days. BONUS : If you go visit the site now, you might be able to take advantage of their FREE BOX deal. I received my contacts for FREE this way. There was a $3 shipping fee, but that is nothing in order to get 15 pair of contact lenses, don’t you agree?

This is me with my Hubble contact lenses in my eyeballs!

Oh… after the free box deal, you are free to continue receiving more deliveries, or you can cancel. If you choose to keep having deliveries, they are scheduled to come every 2 weeks. The lenses are dailies, which mean that you dispose of them every day after your day use. If the bi-weekly schedule isn’t your thing, there’s also an option to make your own delivery schedule!

So… what are you waiting for? Go check out Hubble and get your free contacts while the deal is still going!