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FREEBIE ALERT!! *Girls* Sample Pack

FREEBIE ALERT!! *Girls* Sample Pack


Hey, everyone… I found this pretty awesome JustGoGirl freebie online and I’d thought to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it!

Why choose JustGo Pads?

Exercise induced leaks require different absorption techniques and odor-fighting properties than menstruation pads. They call for exercise incontinence pads that are invisible in back, but incredibly absorbent up front. That’s why our JustGo Pad™ holds up to 140 ml (just a little over 1/2 cup) of fluid – and trust us, no matter your situation, you’ll never come close to leaking that much while exercising.

Our teardrop shape allows for protection right where you need it, directly under your urethra, providing the absorption power of a regular pad with the discreet profile of an underwear liner. With JustGo Pads, you’ve got a solution designed just for you.


Please fill out the form for your free sample. US customers only. Go here to claim yours!

Why JustGoGirl Was Created.

“As a mom and an athlete, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to leave in the middle of yoga class because my pants are damp. I know what it’s like to feel a bulky, uncomfortable pad while running. Menstruation pads aren’t made for exercise induced leaks at all, and I know that lots of women experience leaks – they just don’t know where to turn for solutions.

So I built a pad, a company, and ultimately a community, all focused on one thing: helping women get back to their active lifestyles. Let’s encourage them to push themselves, to work out as hard as they want, and to do something as simple as laugh without having to worry. Our goal? To give you the tools you need to live the life you want, so that you never have to hold back.”

– Brooke Solis

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