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Lose Weight Fast Using This Eating Technique

Lose Weight Fast & Healthy Using This Eating Technique

UPDATE January 13,2018

You guys, I have lost a total of 15 pounds!! I am so happy and incredibly grateful for finding Personal Trainer food! I’m starting another month now in January 2018, and I hope to lose more pounds and inches (my goal is to lose 40 more pounds). Feeling GREAT! Follow me and my PTF weight loss journey on Instagram. My InstaID is tricias_list … see ya there! 

Weight loss. It’s battle that many of us in America worry about. I for one, am going through a struggle with maintaining my weight. For about 2 years, I’ve been gaining weight and really have not been having success in seeding it OR finding out why the weight has come on so much. A couple of my doctors before my newest one suggested that it simply because I was “getting older”. If you don’t know me and how I operate, let me tell you something. I don’t blame a lot of things on simply growing older. I refuse to accept age as an excuse for being overweight and unhappy. And that is how I saw the beginning of 2017. But then, two things happened in my life that have made my life happier concerning health… I got a new doctor and I started a new way of eating with the help of Personal Trainer Food.

What Is Personal Trainer Food?

When I tell my friends about the meal plan I’m on, they all ask the same question. What is it? Is this like a new diet? What’s the food taste like… is it good or no? My answer is this…

Personal Trainer Food is all the food you would normally eat, but cooked and portioned correctly.

When I say that statement though, I mean to say healthy foods. I know right now you’re thinking, ” oh it’s healthy foods so it’s got to be nasty tasting. NO IT IS NOT NASTY! PTF is actually really delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks that I think nearly anyone with allergies can enjoy eating on a regular basis. Check out the meals below that I have eaten over the past month! weight loss


If you notice, all of your foods come delivered to your door with PTF. All you need to do is pick the foods you want, pop them in the microwave for 90 seconds, and you’re ready to eat! Oh, and for those who would want some extra seasoning to their veggies or other foods, PFT offers a choice of 3 delicious sauces to use.

Why I Like PTF

Look, I’ve tried other weight loss programs. They help me lose maybe 15 pound sterling over the span of 4 months, didn’t really help keep the weight off. Plus, I grew tired of eating out of cardboard boxes and eating things that were overseasoned or too acidic. With PTF, the food has very little seasoning on it, so you can season according to what is good for you, or use no seasonings at all (which I recommend because the food has enough flavor in it already.

It Works

I know you see many commercials with people in it saying that they lost x amount pounds on a diet.  But I actually did and still am losing weight with Personal Trainer Food. In my first week of following the plan and eating  3 times a day with snacks, I lost 5 pounds! No lie! And now, 3 weeks later, I’m down another 6 pounds. 11 pounds in one month, guys. And I’m not starving myself or counting calories. I admit that I oiled have lost more weight than 11 pound, but I started a new job and I’ve been not following PTF according to plan, and I’ve eaten some extra processed foods here and there. But I can tell you that if you follow the plan with no cheating, weight loss and losing inches off your body will truly happen. If it can happen for me and my stubborn metabolism, it can happen for you.

Don’t Believe Me? Try It Yourself

I know that sometimes bloggers may sound biased about a brand. I’ve been guilty of it a couple of times in my early blog life. But I’m not trying to sell you anything. I just want to share my experiences using Personal Trainer Food. It has worked for me and it’s still working. I have no doubt that I’ll be purchasing another one or two months to aid me in my weight loss journey. Then , hopefully I’ll be able to maintain on my own. If you’re interested in PTF for yourself or someone you know, you can visit the website at . Oh, and because I spoke with the actual PTF  company, I have a discount code for you guys! If you decide to try the plan, use code -TRICIA- and you can save a whopping $125 on your purchase of any 28 day plan.




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