JGOB Makeup Blender Sponge *Review* AND Ulta Giveaway

JGOB Makeup Blender Sponge *Guest Review*

Special thanks to Kim S. for her informative guest review !


Upon receiving my blender sponge for Beauty by JGOB, I immediately noticed it came in a very convenient travel case. I would no longer have to worry about my makeup applicator getting lost in my giant makeup bag or worry about it getting dirty with bits of eye shadow from long lost broken compacts. It was also very cute and soft. One thing I did find to be off putting was the color. I am |used to seeing natural color sponges and the charcoal color of this sponge made me think of, well, a BBQ, or that I was putting charcoal on my face.

If the sponge were named midnight or something more pleasant it wouldn’t have bothered me as much. If I were to purchase one in the future I would pick a different color if available. I love the pointed end of the sponge, it made it very easy to blend my makeup around my eyelashes and the corners of my eyes. It blends flawlessly and again it is very soft and smooth against my skin. However, the opposite end of the sponge did not feel very ergonomically designed.

The thicker part made me have to form a C with my fingers while using it, and by the end of applying my makeup, my hand was a little stiff, and I had the same feeling the second time I used it. Not sure if this is something I would get used to or not. In the end I will continue to use this sponge in hopes that my hand will get used to the design. Besides what I feel are design flaws I do like it overall and would purchase it again if, of course, I got used to holding it in my hand. I would more than likely recommend it to a friend.

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Tricia’s View —

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Many people use blender sponges,and I absolutely love mine! I have two of them (a green one and a purple one). It truly beats using a flat sponge or the little cloth applicator that comes with a compact case. Personally, I feel that I am able to better apply my makeup on my face better and more completely. Not to mention, I get get fuller coverage that seems to appear more finished. If you’ve never used a blender sponge , check out some of the easy to do tips listed below..and then go out and buy yourself one; you’ll be glad you did !

How To Use A Makeup Blender Sponge !



First step in using a blender sponge  is …Prepare your skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and use a foundation primer, if desired. A fresh face is the perfect canvas for makeup application.


Wet your sponge

Put the blender sponge under the tap, and then squeeze it to wring out excess water. If you need to clean your sponge, now would be a good time, before you use it on your face. Make sure the sponge is not overflowing with water and also is not too dry before using it. The blender will enlarge and will also feel fluffy to the touch after being in water.



Pour a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand, warming it to create a smooth consistency for application. Press the smaller tip of the sponge into the makeup. In small dabs, apply your foundation on your forehead and work your way down to your nose, then towards the outside of your face.For fuller coverage, repeat  until desired coverage is reached. Use the tip of the beauty blender to reach any spots you might have overlooked, like the inside corners of your eyes, the outer crease of your nose and your jawline.


Finish as desired

Now that your beauty blender application is finished, you can proceed with finishing powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter as desired.

 Need some extra tips ? Try These !

The beauty blender is also a great way to apply other liquid makeup, like cream blush. When applying blush, be sure to only get a quarter-size amount on the beauty blender to prevent applying too much color to the cheek. You should smile and dab the blush along the apples of your cheeks or wherever you prefer to apply your blush, and then proceed to blend.  NOTE- I got these tips and steps from .

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