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Manna Organics- Review & Giveaway Ends 2/10/13


“Be Green.Be Healty.Buy Organic”

You hear about it all the time and almost everywhere now – Be “Green”.Eat Gluten Free.Buy Organic.

How many of you REALLY do those steps above? I can honestly say that up until a couple a years ago,I was no where near green,or organic..and forget about gluten free (what IS that anyway?) ! But these later years,I have become more aware of my body and its changes,so eating the right way and making lifestyle change has turned me into a semi health conscious person.

Illustration of the USDA organic seal

Did you know that eating organic foods compared to eating regular processed foods makes a HUGE difference in your life? 

  Manna Organics to the rescue !

I recently had the opportunity to test out some incredibly health conscious breads from the people of Manna Organics. If you are wondering who Manna Organics  is, well, they are a family owned and operated bakery,and ALL of their products are vegan, kosher, organic and carefully hand-made.

manna organic bakery
The Manna Organics family

Their signature product is the fully sprouted MANNA BREAD®,which is cake-like, and free of salt. SPROUTED Manna Bread also contains no oils, no sweeteners, and no leavening agents… it’s also one of the breads that I was able to review ! Below is what the Manna Organics breads look like when they come delivered to you at home.They are frozen loaves and they are packed VERY well.They were still very cold when my package. arrived via Fed-Ex. I received 4 different flavors of Manna Bread to try ,They are listed below –

1) Fruit & Nut

2) Carrot & Raisin

3) Millet Rice

4) Original (pre-sliced)

It’s going to take me a week or so to REALLY get to know all these wonderful sounding sprouted breads !



So … I have completed my Manna taste test ! I have some mixed opinions ,but that is because there were different flavors and tastes AND this type of bread was really a new experience for my food palette . With that being said..on to the review !!

manna bread case of 4

The first of the breads that I tried was the :Fruit & Nut” Manna Bread. I was excited to try this one.This bread is just completed packed with ,well, fruit and nuts. You see BIG pieces of fruit and nuts in the bread,so there is no denying the flavor.VERY strong tastes involved; It’s got a good blend and it’s not too sweet.The fruit is what sweetens the Manna Bread,if you ask me. I didn’t really like this bread,though. It reminds me of fruit cake,and I am so not a fan of fruit cake.However,if you are a fruit and nut lover,you should try this one out !

The second bread I tried was “Original”. It is pre-sliced ,unlike the sprouted breads (they come unsliced in their loaf). I like the texture of the bread.It’s much denser that your regular bread,so you can get filled up on just a slice or two (if your making a sandwich or something).The bread is smaller than your normal loaf of bread,but it is very tasty.Because the bread is so dense,it has more flavor to it.And when I say it has more REALLY does.I tried my bread with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese…YUMMY ! One of the best things , I think, about Original Manna Bread is that this bread IS Gluten-Free,Organic,and for those who require it, Kosher Certified. Did I mention that it tastes great and is full of flavor ?! The Gluten Free breads come in 6 flavors- Original, Ancient Grains, Chia, Cinnamon Raisin, Sesame, Original, and you can request the Sampler (I think it’s a combo of all the breads in one pre-sliced loaf). The following photos are from the Manna Organics website (check out ALL the varieties) …


Bread number 3 ? It was the Millet Rice. Never ever have tried Millet Rice before,but surprisingly, I did enjoy it. This bread was from the sprouted bread and not from the regular Manna bread.If you recall from the description earlier in my post,sprouted bread is not like normal bread.It’s not really bread. It can be best described as a meal of whole sprouted grains, moist and denser than bread. Muffin- or cakelike in consistency. Baked at low temperatures for a short time – almost raw. Nothing like other sprouted breads out there! It doesn’t rise, has no yeast, no salt, no flour, no oils.”  So,please keep that in mind throughout this review!

Finally, the 4th bread I was able to try was the Carrot Raisin Manna bread. Can I just say this…. ? O-M-Goooood! Slice a piece off the loaf ,warm it up and put some real butter on it and “BAM !” ! One great tasting and hearty treat for anyone in the family.I LOVED this Manna bread. It is actually my favorite bread in the whole that I was able to try during this review. I would love to try out the other breads from Manna Organics as well…because they have such a great variety of breads and they all are a bit healthier when it comes to nutrition. For more nutritional facts about sprouted breads and regular breads from Manna Organics,please visit their website .

How would you like to try Manna Organics bread for yourself ? Now you can! I am having a giveaway and one lucky winner will receive a case of 4 loaves of Manna bread! All you need to do is enter below ! Good Luck and thank you for reading !!


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