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My $$$ Money Making Tips- Earn Cash While At Home



My $$$ Money Making Tips-Earn Cash While At Home

Hello, Tricias-Listers !

As promised,I am sharing my tips on how I do my money making while being on my computer AT HOME. It’s fairly simple,too. If you have the time to spare,then you can have CASH in your pocket ! In the article ,I am going give you a list of sites (along with photos) that I use to earn cash.Some are survey sites,some are survey sites,and some are point earning sites.You may have heard of some.But I am gonna show you how I make money with them,Tricias-List style! Here we go!

#1 Advowire -I like this site.It ‘s a site where you just post a tweet a couple of times a day…that’s it. You tweet, get points, then cash out. I am fairly new to the site. I have been active about 2 months now (as of September 25,2015), and I already have enough to cash out for $25… I am getting Best Buy credit so I can buy the Star Wars PS4 bundle for the kiddoes. You should try this site…it’s free to join… just like all of these other sites mentioned in the post.

#2 Inbox Dollars – I have told some of you about this site before.This site basically has you sign up for newsletters to other companies and the like.They also have high paying sign ups,but those require that you sign up for a trial of some sort or sometime require you purchase something.I usually just sign up for the newsletter type payees.I have bought a few things ,though,but they were only things that I wanted in the first place.YOU DO NOT have to buy anything anything to make money on this site,ever ! Inbox Dollars will send you emails (sometimes daily) that are PAID EMAILS.These are emails that credit you $0.02 for every email that open and click.If you do not want to be emailed,then you can change the email settings on your account.I open all of paid emails because well, 2 cents adds up ! Below is a photo of my earnings that I have already earned;I currently have  $70 that I can cash out ! Redemption threshold for this site is $30, I believe. *UPDATE -I have cashed out numerous times over the years totaling over $1000!*

#3 InstaGC= This site is really awesome! At instaGC, they put the insta in instant where there is no delay or wait or lost mail. Every single in-stock gift card is instantly received. This means you are shown the gift card code details directly on your device/screen as you redeem – which can then be used online or printed to use in store. I have made over $370 on this site through the years, and I currently have a decent amount to cash out.

#4 Valued Opinons  – This is a survey site.The also send you emails when they have found a survey for you,so don’t need to constantly check the site.The pay ranges between $1.50 to $5.00 per survey that you complete,and the redemption threshold is $20. I don’t get a lot of emails that fit me,but when I do,I take them !  *Update -September 25,2015 I have $65 in this account*


#5 Swagbucks – This site is so FUN to do! Watch videos,take polls,search the tool bar,take surveys… all for points! If you join this site,I can can GUARANTEE you points EVERYDAY! How? Take the daily poll,do the NOSO ,watch 10 short videos,and do a few searches in the search bar.That will get you at the very least 10 SB (SwagBucks).Oh,and don’t forget to check your SB inbox.They always have ways for you earn points.The very best way that I earn points on this site is by going to the “Special Offers” and “Trusted Surveys” tabs.These two tabs let you earn BIG points by watching videos and taking surveys.And you can cash out with as little as 50 SB sometimes..depending on what you want.If you want gift cards or cash,you will have to save up your points! *see photo for my earnings-UPDATE- As of September 10 2015, I redeemed for $90 in Amazon credit, and I now have about $30 in my account waiting.




I also use MyPoints. If you are a BzzAgent (Free Product Site), then you can easily earn points for the MyPoints site and cash out for a variety of giftcards. I once cashed out 32,000 points and that equaled to $262 … now I have almost 14,000 points, and that’s good for $100! I love the MyPoints site !


I also use these other sites, which are loyalty reward sites, sites that give you FREE PRODUCTS, and sites that give you cash back for just regular shopping.

BE SAFE. Some sites can be tricky. They have trial offers that pay our high,but I don’t recommend doing that;you shouldn’t have to PAY for any points.Also,I don’t do downloads…they can put viruses on your computer)

So,there you have it.Most of the sites that I use to make CASH while I am at home and on my computer.I hope that you try some,if not all,of them.But..only if you have the time to.I usually hop on these sites when I am bored or in the middle of the night when I am not busy doing other stuff.I have made quite a nice sum of cash doing this over the past year,and I have gotten a lot of FREE PRODUCT from doing it as well. I like it and I don’t have plans of stopping any time soon,lol! Let me know what you think of the article by leaving a comment below and tell me which sites you plan on using (or already use) ! Thanks for reading !!