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One Of The Best Natural Deodorants That You Don’t Know About

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Crystal- One Of The Best Natural Deodorants You Don't Know About!

Crystal- One Of The Best Natural Deodorants You Don’t Know About!

I’m a person who has steadily been making strides to a healthier and more organic lifestyle. If you’ve read any of my articles over the past year, you’ll notice a “natural/green” living theme. I’ve even gone so far as to make my own natural deodorants at home! That’s why I’m really excited to share this new all natural deodorant discovery I’ve made. It’s called Crystal and it’s name more than accurately describes it.

Crystal- One Of The Best Natural Deodorants You Don't Know About! Crystal- One Of The Best Natural Deodorants You Don't Know About!

 Crystal… A Simple Deodorant.

This is a pretty simply product. It’s a crystal that serves as a natural deodorant. You take your shower or bath, step out and dry yourself. Then, you apply (rub) the crystal on your underarms or anywhere that you feel you sweat a lot. I have large boobs, so I rub my underboob area, too.  Ya wanna see me using my crystal ? Check out my Youtube channel to see my use the crystal in live time, ya pervs!

This crystal keeps your and your skin dry and basically odorless when you apply it. Personally, I sweat a LOT. And… it’s funky sweat. No lie! So, when I started using this, what I was really looking for was to see whether or not it would keep me from being a stinky sweat girl. Guess what? IT DID!!

This Stuff Works!

I don’t know how Crystal works, but it truly and really does work. The cost is under $9 and one crystal can last you almost a YEAR!! That’s a super great deal for a product that totally works, if you ask me. You can find Crystal here … I think it’s available in a few scent choices,too.

How do you use it? Is it solid piece of salt or a powder?

Put a little water on the crystal (clear rock, if you please) and rub it under your armpits. It’ll feels very slick, no mess, no fuss. It is not salt or powder, simply a clear rock type item that lasts and lasts.