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A Nutrisystem Journey (*5 Days Down* )


Good Saturday morning!

It’s 7 in the morning Saturday and a just finished my breakfast.Well,I finished about 30 minutes ago,lol. I had pancakes and sausage. A normal meal that anyone can have. The only difference? The food came from Nutrisystem. Yup..Nutrisystem pancakes and sausage.And it’s tasty.No,it’s not super buttery tasting and it’s not greasy (for the sausage),but it is GOOD and filling and if you eat with your family,you won’t feel like you are being left out of eating “the good stuff”.

People still say, “I don’t know why you are dieting”.I don’t view my Nutrisystem journey as a diet. It’s a lifestyle change that is going to help me correct my bad eating to good eating habits and help get my metabolism where it should be.And It’s going to help me get healthier and lose weight in the process.

This is Day 5 of my journey. I am doing a really good job at staying on track,and yesterday I did my first day of drinking 64 full ounces of water! That may sound minute to some,but for me,it’s a feat.I don’t drink a lot of water ,although I and every one should,so me drinking that much and not griping about it is REALLY good,lol !

I am really enjoying the Nutrisystem SUCCESS plan I am on.It’s very easy to follow,the meals are right there at your fingertips,and they taste good..they really do. My 1st weigh in comes Monday January 31,2012 … I’m excited for it. I also have a new shipment of food coming that same day… it’s my frozen foods and my “decadents” desserts …MMMMM !  And if you are interested in joining any plan (they have them for Women & Men, and for Diabetics & Non Diabetics) that Nutrisystem has, contact me and I can get you a $30 discount for it.


Until Monday comes,I will share with you some of the meals I have had this week.

One of the many snacks Nutrsystem has ..cheese puffs.
Chicken Cacciatore and my mixed green side salad

Some of the other meals I have had this week are –



Chicken Alfredo (dinner),Chicken salad (Lunch),Pancakes & sausage (breakfast).I have also had chocolate cake,candy,pizza,Pasta Fagioli …and I have a lot more to go!


018 021


030 036


007 009


*DISCLAIMER*  Nutrisystem is providing my program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. *