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01/10/13 Nutrisystem Update




Loving my  Plan !

Another shipment is coming my way! If you ever wondered how you would be recieving a #Nutrisystem package,THIS is how you would be getting it.They send you an email letting you know that your package has been shipped.And then you can track your package via FED EX.I usually have my package delivered promptly the very next day,which is awesome! Here is my next order coming in (yours will look like this,too) –


And just to let you know my progress…still at a 2 pound loss.I lost two pounds in the 1st week and now I am in my 3rd week.My energy level has gotten a lot better and I am getting back into the gym.I have noticed that my waistline is getting thinner,so if I don’t lose pounds I AM losing .That makes me happy!  Once I get back home,I am going to measure myself and share those measurements with you all as well as share my actual weight… photos coming soon !Something I love about my Nutrisystem plan (SUCCESS Select) is that I get to choose every piece of food that comes to me.Each and every meal,although not cooked by me,is chosen by me.It’s like having my own chef only I have to heat up the meals!


Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling or by visiting –

URL: http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog

Phone: 1-888-853-4689


*I have received the Nutrisystem Select Plan free in exchange for my review.My opinions are my own and unsolicited*