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Oscar Mayer Is Making WAVES By Taking Out These 3 Things In Their Hot Dogs!

Oscar Mayer Is Making WAVES BY Taking Out These 3 Things In The Hot Dogs!

Did you hear the news? Oscar Mayer is taking more steps to go the natural route! I’m very excited for this move because the Oscar Mayer brand has been one of my favorite companies for a very long time. I mean, I grew up sing the “Oscar Mayer B-O-L-O-G-N-A” song… and eating all of their products.

With the changing views on health, food, and eating better, many people have began switching their eating habits and turning to other brands that had a focus on giving its customers natural foods. Thankfully, Oscar Mayer has stepped up its game and has joined the movement! Now, the brand has deli meats and yes, even hot dogs, that have NO Artificial preservatives, NO added nitrites or nitrates (except those naturally occurring in celery juice), and NO by products. How is that for making moves to give us better products?!

I had a chance to taste some of the new and improved wieners and I wanted to share my thoughts on them. So here it goes. The products I’ll be talking about are the Turkey wiener, the Angus Beef wiener, and the regular wiener. I was sent these 3 products to sample and decide if they are better in quality and taste compared to the old ones. Below are photos of what was sent. Please be gentle on criticizing the photo quality; “The Mr.” took the photos and he pretty much sucks at photography,lol.

oscar mayer hot dogs

 Improved? My Thoughts

We did open and cook (grilled) the hot dogs. They dogs look like the old hot dogs. The color for all the hot dogs is the basically the same and they are of course formed and shaped the same. Now the taste is where they began to vary. The following are opinions from 3 different people in my family who tried the hot dogs along with me.

“The Girl” (girl, aged 15)- “Those beef hot dogs were the bomb diggity, boyyy. But I wish they were the cheesy ones.”

“The Mr.” (male, aged 42)- “The Angus beef franks were good. God flavor; even had a lil’ snap. Not typical for a packaged dog. I would get them again, if the price was good. Chicken/pork wieners… on a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 3 or 4. They are plump, but not long enough for a hot dog. They taste like something is missing. I would not get them again.”

“The Boy” (male, aged 19)- “Nom Nom Nom Nom.”


So… as you can see, my teenagers didn’t really give me good advice,lol. But the “Mr” added a little more perspective on two of the hot dogs. He’s pretty cut and dry when it comes to speaking his thoughts, so getting that info without him adding blasphemies to it was pretty awesome,lol. My thoughts on the dogs? I enjoyed them. The Angus beef franks were my favorite. They really have a good snap to them, and the flavor is bountiful. If I had to choose one Oscar Mayer hot dog to have for all time, this one would be at the top my list.

For the regular chicken/pork wiener, they’re not bad. I think that they’re slightly off in taste from the original hot dogs. But I feel that the off taste is due the fact that the nitrates and preservatives have been taken out, which is a good thing because now we have a better for you hot dog.

One Dog Left!

The turkey dog? As my 15-year-old would say, it’s “legit”. The taste is still the same yummy taste I’ve known from the original, and it’s free of those things that I don’t want. So… “2 thumbs up” to Oscar Mayer for taking the steps and making their products better. I’m so glad that they did, and I look forward to them taking more steps in the future to produce ever better foods for us! If you want to taste the changes for yourself, you can find the new products at your local grocery store!

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