Oofos Shoes – Like Walking On Air ! *Review & Giveaway*

Change Your Attitude About Flip/Flops With Oofos

Okay. It’s Spring time …or at least in some parts of the world where the sun isn’t playing “Marco Polo” with everyone,lol ! So …with it being that time of year ,what comes to mind? For me ,it’s pedicure and Flip Flop time . Ever since I lived in lovely Hawaii (island of Oahu),I have been a lover of the easy slip ons. However, now that I am a little older,I find that I can’t wear just any old flip flop/sandal. It hurts my feet,and I feel like the pavement is just right there ,hitting my sole with every step. NO BUENO !


Oofos shoes

Thankfully, there is Oofos . I was given the wonderful opportunity to try the Oofos shoe brand ,and let me tell you… LOOOOOVE them !! I was given the Oofos Original shoe. The design is unlike any other sandal or flip/flop I know,and it feels like heaven on my feet. I kid you not, there are times when I walk my Corgi, and we walk for miles on end. Okay…maybe up to 3 miles,but that’s because I don’t want to over walk my baby (she has short legs,people !) ,lol ! These are some of the most comfortable shoes that I have owned in a really long time.

Oofos shoes (fuschia)

‘Make YOO Feel Better’!

That is the Oofos family mission. And they accomplish that mission with their shoes!  Whenever I have my Oofos shoes on and I’m out walking,it feels like I am walking on air. I never get tired of having them on…they are so comfy ! As you can see in the photos that I have shared,Oofos come in some really pretty colors,too. The Oofos Original shoe comes in the following colors- Black,Fuschia,,and Tangerine,and is a thong type of sandal. I have the pink (Fuschia) ones;they’re “purdy” !  The Original Oofos are $39.95 ,and they are well worth the price for comfort!  If you are not interested in a thing shoe,you can always try the other 2 styles… the Ooaah Slide and the Oocloog Clog . The Ooclog comes in Black or Plum,and the Ooaah Slide comes in Black or Mocha. In case you would like to know what makes Oofos so different from any other sandal or flip/flop, check out the stats.

What’s In A Shoe ?

*note* The following  information was taken from the Oofos webpage*

“The OOFOS brand experience is powered by the cutting-edge proprietary material called OOfoam. Our technology is a combination of compound and our patented footbed design. Our unique DNA provides an unmatched OOfeel that’s energy absorbing.

In fact, test results show OOfoam is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most common material found in footwear.

OOfoam technology:
• Absorbs shock to lessen pain
• Reduces fatigue & restores vigor
• Delivers unparalleled cushioning to recharge & rejuvenate your feet.”

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  • http://Idon'tunderstand? Bonita Love

    When I googled Oofos coupons it said that there was a 30% coupon here…how do I find it?
    Thanks for your blog!

  • Angelique Drummond

    Still would love to have the OOriginal thong in black size 9. Just here for my daily comment! Last day!! Good luck everyone 😀

  • Denise Donaldson

    I like the plum OOcloog in size 9

  • Sandy N

    Original thong in black, womens, size 9

  • Candie L

    My son likes the black slide in size 6. Thank you

  • Karen Gonyea

    I would pick the Oocloog in black size 9 :)

  • Deb S

    I like the Oocloog Size 8 – black

  • kellie nehring

    i would like the ooriginal thong in fuchsia size 10

  • http://gravatar.com/susansmoaks susansmoaks

    i would like the ooriginal thong in fuchsia size 10

  • Michelle Cain

    I like the Ooahh Slide in Navy in female size 7. Thanks!

  • Kristina L.

    I like the black Ooriginal! Size 6. They look super comfy!

  • Kim G.

    Original, Black, size 7

  • http://gravatar.com/lisagee1234 lisagee1234

    Tangerine thong in 10

  • Angelique Drummond

    Still would love to have the OOriginal thong in black size 9. Just here for my daily comment! Hi!! *waves*

  • Anne

    If I were to win, I’d choose black OOcloog clogs in size 7.

  • Jennifer Reed

    I like the OOcloog, plum, size 6.

  • Teresa Thompson

    OOriginal Thong, tangerine, size 8.

  • Liz Neal

    I would choose the thong in mocha and a size 8.

  • Deb S

    I like the Oocloog Black Size 8

  • Molly K

    I would get the OOcloog in Plum, Size 8

  • http://twitter.com/buttmuffin jules boot mcnubbin (@buttmuffin)

    thongs in tangerine, size 10 womens

  • http://brizee77@yahoo.com Elizabeth Gentry

    Definitely the black thongs. I love comfy flip flops these sound like they could even replace my old favorite ones.

  • Daniel M

    black flip flip thong, womens size 8

  • Amanda Rauch

    Probably the plum thong in a size 10

  • Jalynn

    OOriginal Thong, black, size 9!

  • Sandy N

    black flip flip thong, womens size 9

  • Gaye M

    OOahh Slide in black, size 6.

  • Karrie Millheim

    The Clog, size nine black

  • Susan Smith

    The OOfos slide in black, size 9

  • Sandy Cain

    I ilke the OOclog ion black, size 10.

  • Kelly

    I like the OOriginal fuschia in size 8.

  • http://gravatar.com/vgodin valerie godin

    Original thong in black, size 6

  • Anne

    Crossing my fingers and hoping to win a pair of size 7 OOcloogs clogs in black.

  • alena svetelska

    size 10 in oorginal in black

  • http://gravatar.com/gbomberry gbomberry

    These look so comfortable

  • Danielle

    I would LOVE the thong in fuschia!! Size 9 if they are true to size. I usually go for the browns and tans, BUT I’m gonna live on the wild side!!!

  • debra daigle

    size 11 in oorginal in black

  • Anne Knox

    OOFOS look comfy cozy. I live and breathe in Flip flops and I’m always looking for the next even more comfortable flip flop! Would love to try these out!

  • http://gravatar.com/3angels3 3angels3

    I’d love to have the black OOriginal thong in size 9.

  • aarone

    the plum thong in a 9

  • Sandy Cain

    Love the OOfos slide in black, size 9!

  • Angelique Drummond

    Still want to have the OOriginal thong in black size 9. Just here for my daily comment!

  • S

    I would get the OOahh slide in Mocha and size 8.

  • Anne

    I go back and forth between the clog and the thong, but today I’m thinking I’d love to have a pair of OOriginal thongs in Mocha (size 7).

  • http://gravatar.com/vgodin valerie godin

    OOclo0g Plum size 7

  • Sandy N

    black thong, womens size 9

  • amy lovell

    the original thong in oranger size 8

  • lynn clayton

    Black thong size 10

  • http://gravatar.com/vgodin valerie godin

    like the orignal thong in black, 6

  • Angel Shearl

    Ooriginal thongs in black size 7 thank you

  • Raewyne B

    My poor aching feet would love the Oocloog original in size 8, black please,

  • Sandy Cain

    Today the OOclog in size 10, black, looks pretty good to me!

  • Anne

    Today I’m thinking I’d be very happy wearing the OOriginal Thong in Mocha (size 7).

  • sarah sar

    i would pick the OOriginal thong in Black, size 9

  • amy lovell

    the originalk thong in orange size 8

  • http://ThankfulForThorns.blogspot.com Jessica A

    Female Thong fuchsia in a 7 or 8 I’m not sure which I would need.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daisysreviews Daisy’s Reviews

    oofos oorignal fuschia size 7

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  • Valerie Theberge

    OOriginal female in black, Sizing 7

  • Anne

    Today, my favorite is still the OOcloog clog in black, size 7. Thanks!

  • Angelique Drummond

    Still would love to have the OOriginal thong in black size 9. Just here for my daily comment!

  • Elizabeth K

    I like the Original in plum sizze 7

  • http://www.facebook.com/hyaworski2 Heather Yaworski

    If I won I would pick the Oocloog in black size 7.

  • yarnaddicted

    I like the OoClog in Plum, ladies size 10, thanks!
    Kim Reid

  • Sandy N

    Original thong in black, womens, size 9. :)

  • Vanessa R.

    Original thong in black, size 9

  • Peggy Humbracht

    I like the Mocha slide in women’s size 9..thank you.

  • Tina Bartunek

    The OOriginal Thong in Black size 6.

  • http://gravatar.com/devotedmommyof3 Liz Terek

    OOclo0g Plum size 7

  • http://gravatar.com/heatbutterfly heather miller

    I love the original thong in orange size 8

  • Savannah miller

    I would choose the black OOrginal thong :)

  • http://www.withasideofthriftiness.com Dawn Kropp

    Thong in mocha size 10

  • Sandy Cain

    I love the OOah slide in beautiful black, size 9.

  • alena svetelska

    Original thongs in black. Size 10

  • amy lovell

    original thong in orange size 8

  • Sonya

    female slide, size 8. mocha

  • Lorrie Rodgers (pinklady705)

    Ooriginal thong in fuschia, size 8

  • Evie Sells

    I would like the slide in Female , Mocha Size 9

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/curlyribbonboutique Sylvia Zajis

    Thong in Mocha, size 12, womens

  • Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    First choice would probably be the OOcloog in Plum in size 7 – a very close second would be the Oofos Slides in either Brown or Black – size 7 (Women’s)

  • Kelly Bouma

    I would really like the Original Thong in Fushia, size 5 please, they look so comfortabe

  • Denise Devoe

    I’d Looove the Original Thong in Black Size 7!!!!

  • http://yours Guy Henderson

    Size 10 in fushia Please!

  • robin powell

    I would love a pair in size 8 1/2. I work on my feet all day and comfy shoes are a must, especially after the age of fortyish!

  • Sandy Cain

    I’d love to win the slide in size 10, black!!

  • charityk

    i would get the ooriginal thong sandal in fuchsia size 10

  • http://gravatar.com/kelly2kyle kristy edgington

    OOriginal thong black in 10

  • Sydney D

    Ooriginal in fuschia size 8

  • http://gravatar.com/vgodin valerie godin

    The OOriginal thong in black size 6

  • http://gravatar.com/kaner123 kaner123ron

    black size 8.5

  • Anne

    My favorites are the OOcloog clogs, in black, size 7.

  • yarnaddicted

    I would love the Ooclog in plum women’s size 10, thanks!
    Kim Reid


    I would like the original thong in black size 10

  • debbie f

    The OOriginal thong in black size 7

  • sandy weinstein

    like the orignal thong in black, 6-7

  • Jennifer

    I would get my husband the thong in orange!

  • http://gravatar.com/fahlinstar Maegan Morin

    I like the Original in Fuschia!

  • Andrea Amy
  • http://facebook marlene smith

    i love any color of the Oofos flip flops in size9

  • amy lovell

    ide love the original thong i n orange size 8

  • Angelique Drummond

    The OOriginal thong in black size 9

  • Suzanne Giroux

    I would choose the OOriginal Thong in Tangerine Size 6

  • Daraya

    I would love the OOcloog in plum, size 8!

  • deborah beaver

    I would get the original thong in fuchsia in size 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Cynthia C

    I think I’d get the OOcloog in black, size 13 for my son.

  • Amy Martin

    Ooriginal thong fushchia size 9

  • Kim G.

    the original, black, size 7

  • http://www.ashleighgfg.blogspot.ca Ashleigh

    I think the ooah in size 9, mocha

  • Birdie Skolfield

    Black original Thong size 6

  • http://gravatar.com/lisagee1234 lisagee1234

    Fuschia size 10 thong.

  • http://gravatar.com/kelly2kyle kristy edgington

    thong in black size 10!

  • Heidi C.

    I like the Ooaah in black, size 9.

  • Anne

    It’s so hot today, I’m thinking I’d like the OOriginal thong, in size 7. Picking the color is the hard part, but I think I’d go with the Mocha.

  • Bailey Dexter

    If I won I would pick the thong in black size 7

  • Connie Lee

    I would pick the Oorginal black thong is size 10

  • tiffany lane

    the original in mocha

  • Peggy Greco

    I may choose thong or clog in black, size 9.

  • Sandy Cain

    I’d pick the Slide in Black, size 10.

  • http://krystylco.blogspot.com/ krystyl olson

    I’d likethe original (thong) in black size 9

  • Julie Lynn Bickham

    Original thongs in black. Size 9.

  • http://facebook marian boll

    The bright pink are right up my alley in a size 8 please…..

  • alena svetelska

    OOriginal Thong in Black and size 10

  • Sherry K

    I would choose the Ladies Ooriginal Thong, Mocha, size 9.

  • http://www.facebook.com/morgan.jenkins.33 Morgan Jenkins

    Original thongs fuchsia size10

  • http://www.facebook.com/kristen.daniels.750 Kristen Daniels

    Original size 7, fuschia

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  • Renee

    OOriginal thong in fuchsia in size7

  • amy lovell

    ide love the oofoos in orange thong size 8

  • pat galas

    if i am lucky, any color please. i sure could use these slippers since my feet are always sore and having something that feels like you are walking on air would be a gift from heaven thank you

  • Helisa D

    Ooriginal Thong in a Black 8 please :)

  • http://yourdream-liveit.com/ Isabelle Goyer

    OOriginal Thong in Black and size 8!

  • Toby

    OOriginal Fuschia 9

  • natasha severson

    OOcloog plum size 12 femaile plese :)

  • Dawn Rader

    i would like the thong or clog in either plum or black

  • beewbedard

    OOriginal in fushia size 6

  • Darlene Schuller

    Since their mens’ footwear I’m gonna go with black OOahhSlide in black size 9

  • lisa r.

    The purple oocloog size 7 female

  • Andrea Amy
  • Anne

    If I’m the lucky winner, I’ll choose OOcloog clogs, in black, size 7.

  • http://gravatar.com/charisma3103 Janie

    Oooohhh these look so comfortable

  • http://gravatar.com/vgodin Valerie Godin

    OOriginal in black size 6

  • Carole B.

    I’ll choose the OOriginal in black size 7

  • Judy Williams

    I would get the original thong in fuschia in size 7. They look so comfortable!

  • Isabelle Simard

    Original, Mocha size 9 for women please 😉

  • Carla Truett

    OOriginal Thong in Fushia size 6

  • Peggy Greco

    I like either thong or clog in plum or black.

  • Lisa

    OOriginal Thong in Fushia size 8

  • Karen C. Hill

    I would get the original thong in fuschia in size 9

  • http://www.jenn.nu Jenn

    These are really awesome looking! I’d love the OOrginal Thong in fuchsia, size 11.

  • http://gravatar.com/amweeks27 Annmarie W.

    I’d love the Oocloog in black in size 8!