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OwlTopper -Leader In Wine Corkscrews & Bottle Stoppers

OwlTopper -Leader In The Wine Tools Industry

Wine afficianados … what is your favorite way to open up a nice bottle of wine ? I have seen a few interesting ways that people open wine, the most interesting being with a shoe. But ,I still choose the good old stand by … a corkscrew. Not any kind of corkscrew,though; I use an OwlTopper.

What’s The Difference In Corkscrews ?

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When I first started drinking wine, I didn’t really pay attention to anything. I bought a plain,cheap corkscrew and that was that. I never blamed any of the stuck or broken corks or utensils on the actual corkscrew..silly me. Then, I stepped up my wine game. Started visiting vineyards and hanging with “those wine snobs”. I learned a lot ,and started to appreciate my wines and the tools I used to open my wine. I have a few tools of the wine trade that I appreciate,but one in particular is the OwlTopper corkscrew. Here’s why :

  • “POUR BABY – There’s nothing worse than breaking a cork. Touting a Specialized “dual coil” design with a more than adequate worm depth, OwlTopper corkscrew helps to neutralize the likelihood of a broken cork. Not to mention, it’s dual-hinged to keep your pull as straight and stress free as possible. So, now you can pull and pour your favourite blend without concern that the unthinkable broken cork will taint that refined aged Bordeaux you’ve been waiting to try.”
  • “✎ FOILED AGAIN? – Once the cork is out of the way, you still have to worry about the foil. Wine is a delicate thing, and to ensure that absolutely nothing gets in the way of it’s flavour, the blade supports an inward curved, serrated blade to ensure that even the thickest foil is cut perfectly, leaving no tears or jagged pieces behind. Be confident in your tools, with Owltopper!”
  • ✎ GUARANTEED TO ENJOY  – Per the OwlTopper creed, “We know you’ll love this wine opener, but just in case something about it just isn’t your glass of wine, send it back to us within 60 days for a hassle-free, no questions asked FULL REFUND! We’ve fallen in love with this product and we know you will too. Enjoy comfort and security with Owltopper! Buy today. You’ll be glad you did.”

I truly enjoy using my OwlTopper corkscrew. Its sleek design makes it easy to use, and I can store it back into its original to keep it from getting dinged up by other things. I also like the appearance of it. I am a firm believer that presentation can be everything ,and that includes good looking tools when you’re cooking or entertaining.

OwlTopper Bottle Stoppers

The OwlTopper company doesn’t just stop at providing top of the line wine corkscrews for their consumers..they also have bottle stoppers. OwlTopper bottle stoppers are completely necessary items when it comes to keeping your left over wine as fresh as possible. And here’s where the OwlTopper brand bottle stoppers reign supreme …these bottle stoppers aren’t made to be used for just for wine. They are the only custom stoppers that are twice the size & three times the weight of everything else! Two sizes ensuring that perfect fit! For less than the cost of a night out, perfectly seal your wine, sparkling juice, champagne, oil, vinegar, & soda. How’s that for versatility and functionality ?! I must admit, I first thought that I would use the stoppers only for wine, but I actually do use them for other things. OwlTopper tools are amazingly crafted, beautiful,and super versatile items. When you buy one of them, you can be certain that you are getting the best product for your money .

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If you would like a shot at winning one of these pretty awesome wine tools, enter my giveaway (provided for by OwlTopper) below. 2 readers will win one OwlTopper Corkscrew OR one OwlTopper bottle stopper set. It’s easy to enter ,and odds are always great . ALL ENTRY STEPS ARE MANDATORY !. Good luck and thanks for reading !

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