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Keep Warm And Toasty With Ozeri Oscillating Heater


Keep Warm And Toasty With Ozeri Oscillating Heater



Brrrr! Old Man Winter is showing his presence and it’s time to try and keep warm at home, now. For some, Winter has hit pretty hard already. I tried really hard to ignore the tell tale signs, but my house is getting cold at night, now. I mean, it gets down in the 30’s now because I try to save on electricity by using heat sparingly. It helps that my kids have a preference for a cooler home instead of warmer.  That’s a big sacrifice for me, though, because I’m a diagnosed anemic and almost always feel cold. What’s a mom to do when she feels like she’s freezing but everyone else in the house is “A-Okay”?  Well, you get a heater. Where can you find info on keeping warm during the winter nights? You check out tips from WinterNinja.com or… you go to Amazon a buy an Ozeri!

   Ozeri OZH1 Dual Zone Oscilliating Heater

I have an Ozeri OZH1 heater that was given to me by the company, and have been using it for about a week now. Can I just say that it makes me happy to own one? Because this heater really is a great addition to my home. Not only does it have a space saving and stylish design, but it works superbly. I use the Ozeri in my bedroom, my basement, my living room… any room that I’m alone in when I want to feel a little more toasty than other family members.

Ozeri Functionality

Operating this heater is so easy. You can use the included remote to raise or lower the heat temperature. I personally set the temp for 74 degrees!  There’s also an option to run either one or both fans on the heater. This function is nice because it gives you the ability to control how much heat is being thrown out in the room. Also, the remote can have the heater rotate back and forth if you choose it to. OH yes, you also have an option to set a shut off time on the heater. For example, if you only want it run for 2 hours, set it for that time and then after 2 hours, the new heater fan will automatically shut off. GENIUS!

Does It Really Work?

I truly enjoy my new Ozeri oscillating heat fan… Mainly because my family prefers a cool house and I crave heat (due to my anemia). But now, I can use the heater in a room just for and keep it as warm as I want without turning on a thermostat and making the entire house hot. It works for me! Check out the photos I took at home while opening and using my new Ozeri below.


If you’re interested in getting your own Ozeri heater, you can find it here.  As always …


 Ozeri OZH1 Product Info

  • Dual zone Oscillating ceramic heater and Tower fan engineered to provide rapid heat on a wintry night, and non-heated airflow for relief on a hot summer day, with a programmable 12-hour timer
  • Ultra thin space-saving design enhances room decor and features a touch button LED display, an extended range remote control Unit, and an elegant sturdy glass base that reduces accidental tip-over
  • Dual ptc ceramic heating systems allow for 2 independently controllable heating zones with 2 speeds each for rapid heat distribution at 800 W (low) and 1500W (high), with overheat protection
  • Intelligent thermostat adjusts heat output according to the ambient temperature and automatically turns off when the selected temperature is Reached
  • Utilizes a new whisper quiet DC motor that transports warming and cooling air with the lowest possible noise coefficient, and includes dismountable dustproof filters for easy cleaning