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Pam Cooking Spray .. Better Than Ever !




I had the opportunity to use the new and improved PAM Less Residue Cooking Spray a couple of weeks ago. I have to admit,I was ans am very impressed at the results that I got. The new Pam spray claims that it has “70% BETTER no stick for easy cooking”,and let me tell you …they DELIVER ! I tested the spray out in my cast iron skillet when I was frying and egg. The result was amazing. No sticking,not a piece of egg on the skillet,and the eggs slid out of the skillet and onto my plate.It was perfect ( at least to me it was) ! Check out my photos below.They help to document how easy the cooking was and the way Pam helped to keep the sticking away ! Have any questions about Pam Cooking Spray?Checkout their website here !



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  *Disclaimer* I received a FREE PRODUCT in exchange for my honest review on Pam Cooking Spray*