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Pregnant ? You’ll LOVE These Subscription Bump Boxes Then!

Pregnant ? You’ll LOVE These Subscription Bump Boxes Then!


Hey, new mommas! If you’re newly preggers, let me first say  CONGRATS to you! Being a mommy and carrying a child inside you is a wonderful privilege that I hope you enjoy. There are many joys you are about to discover. One thing you’ll notice is that if you are a new mom, everyone is going to fawn over you and new baby bump. It’s true… most people people have a weakness for seeing a glowingly happy new mom and her growing belly. It’s just a happy sight seeing new life, I suppose. Something else you notice is that you’ll be getting a baby shower sooner or later. I’ve got a great suggestion for a mommy gift… Bump Boxes.

Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes is a monthly subscription service that curates fun, healthy products for pregnancy and beyond. Subscriptions can be started at anytime during pregnancy and continue all the way until the baby’s first birthday!  Products are specific to pregnancy and once Mom hits her due date the subscription transitions to both Mom & Baby products.

The subscription is a discovery service tailored to Mom’s due date/baby’s birthday and Bump Boxes includes a variety of different products for you. Anything from pregnancy safe skincare, pregnancy specific food/drink items to one-size fits all maternity wear solutions…and don’t forget, you’ll be amazed at the fun products you will discover and absolutely love!  Each subscription Bump Box contains 4-8 full size products, with a few fun extras sprinkled in.

What Is Actually In The Boxes?

1st-trimester-gift-box-v3 bump boxes

Don’t forget …The subscription is a discovery service…  don’t want to spoil the surprise and tell you what’s in them before you receive it! Get your Bump Box set according to what trimester your new mom is in, and every box is catered to what week she and the baby are in.NEED TO KNOW! Just because Bump Boxes are set up to be a subscription service doesn’t mean you can’t get one or two. Trimester boxes are available in their online store to purchase individually.

I received a Bump Box to review earlier in the Summer. I gave it to a friend of mine who is a mother of 6 (the newest is due in November). She adores her Bump Box; she says it makes her “feel special”.  I’m glad for that. And I’m pretty happy that a company like Bump Boxes is out there creating useful boxes for new mommies. So if you are looking for a gift to give for a baby shower or even a pick me up gift for the pregnant mom in your life, consider a Bump Box!