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Yummy In My Tummy – Premium Chocolatiers Review & Giveaway Ends 2/20



I Love A Good Food Convo …

I’ll admit it;I’m a Foodie. I love food and everything about food. They way it taste,they way it smells,they way it looks and the way it is presented.And now that I am older,I REALLY care about the nutrition side. That’s why I am doing this review over a big food fave of mine – CHOCOLATE !

Chocolate can be the “happy day” maker for a lot of people.People crave it,and  can even be beneficial to you … if you eat the right kind (i.e., dark chocolate with higher cacao percentage)

With that being said,let me introduce you to Premium Chocolatiers. Founded in 2008 in Lakewood,New Jersey, Premium Chocolatiers is a “company dedicated to quality chocolate for people with food allergies”, and they “supply gourmet truffles and chocolates to people with milk, nut, gluten or egg sensitivities.Vegetarians, Lactose Intolerant, Food allergy sufferers, as well as Kosher Pareve consumers can now get quality milk like, though dairy free, chocolates”.

I know what some of you are thinking .. “A Vegan,Lactose Intolerant,Dairy-Free Chocolate? No Thanks”. BUT,I am telling you, these chocolates are delicious. They are rich,creamy and not lacking in any flavor.You can’t even tell that they are dairy free.

Oh Boy… a box for me?! 


When I was given the opportunity by Premium Chocolatiers to review their diary free confections,I was very excited! My box arrived and it was well protected to protect the candies from any undue heat or stress due to travel.Once the knock at the door came,and received the chocolates,I hurriedly opened the box to see what assortment was waiting for me. I was not disappointed ! I received the Signature Truffle Collection


There you see it. 1 (one) box of 15 DECADENT truffles from Premium Chocolatiers. Oh, my ! And the flavors you see pictured are the following-

1) Milk Fudge (milk chocolate taste without the dairy ! )

2) Raspberry Truffle

3) Salted Caramel

4) Grand Marnier (this was my fave!)

5) Coffee Truffle


Although the Grand Marnier truffle was my absolute fave,I enjoyed all of the truffles.They each have a wonderfully delicious rich taste to them.They totally  chocolate;they are just milk free. They tastes soooo good … it’s hard for me to just eat one.But I do. I had a different each day as a treat,and I still have extras of each flavor,too (saving and savoring,lol) ! If you are interested in trying Premium Chocolatiers for yourself,please visit their website.OR… you win a box of your own RIGHT HERE ! To do so,enter the Tricias-List Chocolate giveaway .The entry form is below. Good luck and thank you to Premium Chocolatiers for sponsoring this giveaway !


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