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Wa-Hooo ! Free Pack Of Oscar Mayer…Here We Come !

I found one of my yummiest freebies this week! Who wouldn’t want a coupon good for a FREE hickory smoked or sweet and spicy tub of pulled pork? Oh man…just saying that makes my mouth water…how about you?

Wanna know how to go and get YOUR freebie?


Well … Oscar Mayer has launched their “Taste-A-Monials” campaign again and this time it’s for pulled pork.Just leave a statement on the page (link listed below) .and then you should be sent to a page that asks you to fill out your shipping info.Once they reach the “free pack” level,everyone who participated will have a coupon good for a free pulled pork pack will get one!

click HERE to make your taste-A-monial and sign up to get your free coupon !!